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    Premier League Games 6/7/8 March

    Who the bloody hell dressed Scott Parker today ?
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Come home lads... Embarrassing shots
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    Holiday advice

    Prices for accommodation in this country this summer is scandalous
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    Cadbury Chocolate

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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (45-41)

    My number 1 comes in at number 55... Hang your heads in shame BM Relying on Crackerjack now to come 2nd..
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    Man United (H) | Ref Appointment

    Agreed. He’s the best around nowadays
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    Premier League games 27/28 feb & 1st march

    Tyler & Neville
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    Premier League games 27/28 feb & 1st march

    How could that be given as a penalty.
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    Premier League games 27/28 feb & 1st march

    Did the same against us last week Does he not realise all the cameras in situ.
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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (45-41)

    Still nothing of mine. Starting to get concerned
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    West Ham (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Going to be a toughie this I fear and more worryingly I’m starting to like Moyes..
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    A year ago today.

    My last 2 games watching us live Madrid & Villa in the cup final. Might call it a day now..
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    This isn't test cricket.
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    Celtic thread 2020/21

    Give it Giggsy till the end of the year
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    The stumping before close that was looked at with contempt by the 3rd umpire. Michael Vaughan called it as a worrying outcome.
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    And today goes to show why you have neutral umpires in test cricket nowadays. The Indian cricket board should be embarrassed with what has gone on in these last 2 tests..
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    The FTSE

    My pension has took a big hit this past week. I'm sure someone on here say it will take off.. We need SWP for some experience on this
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    Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Would put Delap up top for this
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City (21/02/21)

    Just missing Haaland up top..
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