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    England vs Portugal - 02/06/16

    rooney in a midfield role will suit this england team if kane and vardy start as well. for me he is our best long range passer which will be ideal for our quick counter-attacking transitions. i also think watching the turkey game we lacked experience and leadership which he can bring.
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    The are we allowed the "it's quiet" thread yet? thread.

    i think neymar would be more likely to leave than messi even if he is younger. i just think messi has got too big a bond between the club and fans for the the club to sell him and he will leave on a free back to newell's old boys when his career at barcelona is over. in this window though i...
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    England Euro 2016 Squad

    i never thought drinkwater looked completely comfortable in the games he has played for england, and i just wonder whether he came into the squad too late to feel like he is a part of the team. if you look at jamie vardy, he has been in roy's thinking ever since he got called up this time last...
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    Fabian Delph 2016/17 performances

    if someone like jack byrne impresses in pre-season i reckon delph could be on his way out.
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    Are we looking to sign a striker?

    if we bring in another number 9 kelechi will barely get a game and will go backwards. he is good enough to be our back u striker in my opinion. what we need is a goal-scoring winger on our wings to supplement the goals like barca, bayern and madrid do.
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    Pellegrini in talks with Everton

    i respect manuel but if i was an everton fan having watched what he had done with us in the last eighteen months whilst having arguably the best squad in the league and spending another 150m last summer i would be concerned about going for him, especially considering how both teams defenses have...
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    excited about this signing. fit and on form, gundogan is worth double what we are paying for him in my opinion.
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    Joe Hart (joined Torino on season long loan - Official)

    if joe was to leave city it would be for someone more likely to win trophies in my opinion. i do get the feeling that if we are willing to reportedly spend close to twenty million on either of ederson or ter stegen as linked, then i am possibly starting to come to the thinking that joe is going...
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    Pellegrini in talks with Everton

    i think for everton to go to a level their fans will like to see their club at they need a current proven winner. manuel fits that profile but i am not convinced he is the right manager for them, especially considering their defensive woes in the past eighteen months or so. i just think...
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    "Save Our Louis"

    the united job is the one mourinho has wanted since ferguson retired and he got the sack at madrid i reckon. he will turn them into a decent side again and guardiola will have his work cut out competing with him, which i actually think is a good thing because the harder we have it to get back...
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    i am no medical expert, but surely if he is able to walk and is not on crutches that is a good sign, no?
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    Players who might improve us

    to think ever banega is going to inter on a free in the summer. some signing that by bobby.
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    Brahim Diaz

    i thought he struggled a bit against germany as he did against england the other day, but what stood out was his hunger to carry on trying his best and winning the game for his team. i do reckon in the next eighteen months or so he will have to start bulking up a little bit so he can start to...
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    Aymeric Laporte

    mangala will leave i reckon, but it will be a loan like it was rumoured to be last summer. i do think if we bring in laporte i don't see us bringing in stones as well or any other defender. what would the point of bringing back denayer. denayer will replace martin and laporte will replace...
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    Belgian squad EC 2016

    alderwiereld and vertonghen have to be the central defensive duo.
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    Liverpool thread

    i want liverpool to win tomorrow. it will be good for the league to have 5 teams in the cl next season.
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    Should we be looking at new kit deal?- new update pg34 Chelsea NIKE DEAL

    i know football should not be a fashion contest, but nike's kits in the last 5 years or so have been dreadful. it's a shame adidas are going down the route of having one big team in each league because for me they make the best kits by far at the moment. it's whatever pays the most i guess.
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    Kelechi Iheanacho

    needs to work on his touch. i also think guardiola needs to work on the partnership between him and kun because i just don't see it at the moment. it's happens is moments rather than fluently for 90 mins.
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    2016-17 Champions League Qualifying Matches - (3rd Round, 2nd leg, page 10)

    the concern would be how many regulars are we going to have back fit and ready. sergio and the other argentine's have the copa america, a load have the euros, and kelechi has the olympics.
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    Swansea (a) Post Match Thread

    it was the right result, but my word what a shocker of a performance. i felt sorry for sergio, you could see he wanted that golden boot today. i can't see mangala, fernando, clichy and navas playing much under pep, they are just not of the quality needed to go forward in my opinion.
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