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    Gabriel Jesus - 2020/21 Performances

    He just isn't good enough. We can all appreciate he works hard, but he isn't a goal threat, he doesn't occupy defenders and he spends all game battering himself over a mistake. He's doing the minimum for a player who's playing in this system.
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    United (H) Post Match Thread

    Jesus isn't good enough. Cancelo has been fantastic but he and KDB give the ball away far too much which means we're constantly transitioning against United who's biggest threat is the counter. Still 11 clear. But amazed Pep played into United's hands like that.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Great interview here with Stones. Actually a big fan of Ducker and his work, often reports well whether that's covering City or United.
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    Wolves (H) Post Match Thread

    That attacking display was honestly one of our best ever under Pep. The relentless of our pressing to sustain attacks, coupled with our movement was incredible. It was slightly nervy as we needed that second goal, but the way in which we attacked was genuinely incredible to watch. Mahrez was...
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    La Liga head Tebas - latest anti City outburst P37

    Under his presidency La Liga has gone from being one of the best and most financially strong leagues in the world to an an absolutely finished organisation. He's failed to sell the league, and this has coupled with TV rights down the drain, a financial collapse of its two biggest clubs, and the...
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    Neville Kneville

    So sad. A brilliant poster whos views I always respected deeply. As others have said he was so passionate and knowledgeable. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    Arsenal (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Reckon Pep starts KDB and Gundo for this. Ederson Cancelo Stones Dias Zinchenko Bernard Rodri Gundo Sterling KDB Foden
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    John Stones - 2020/21 Performances

    Because between now and April we play a game every midweek. Players need to be rested and rotated.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Ally McCoist was fucking brilliant tonight on commentary. A bloke who loves and speaks about football as well as not talking about narratives. So refreshing.
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    Riyad Mahrez - 2020/21 Performances

    Both will play. Our XI v Arsenal will be Ederson Cancelo Stones Dias Zinchenko KDB Rodri Gundo Mahrez Sterling Foden.
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    Riyad Mahrez - 2020/21 Performances

    He was literally ripping Everton apart before his goal and was a constant threat. I'm with you in that he doesn't do it enough it criticising him tonight when he's played as well as he has is just nonsense. I'll also guarantee he starts on Sunday and Jesus makes way.
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    Riyad Mahrez - 2020/21 Performances

    Sorry but this is total bullshit. I've been often critical but he was a constant threat tonight and played very well. He made the difference in a tough game.
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    Champions League Games 16/17 Feb

    He isn't good enough for us anyway. But how fucking daft is Eric Garcia for wanting to join Barcelona. They're fucked.
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    The problem they've got is that for the last two/three years they've gone around telling us that they've got the best goalkeeper in the world in Alisson. The two best fullbacks in the world. The best defensive midfielder in Fabinho, the best central midfielder in Thiago and the best front three...
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    Erling Haaland

    Crafton is a Manchester United fan who works for the Athletic. He recently did a podcast with Ornstein and said that Pep might have to take a sabbatical before he signed a new deal as he was finished and nobody would want him. On top of that he wrote that dogshit piece as a major exclusive...
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    General Videogame Thread

    Anybody tried The Medium? Seen its on Game Pass so might be worth a go?
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    West Brom (A) | Post-Match Thread

    An incredible performance. Movement off the ball coupled with superb speed on it. As good as I can remember that. We are purring at the minute.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Thought Savage and Drury were excellent on commentary tonight.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Thanks Karen. It's really uncomfortable and quite unsettling.
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