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    Did you miss the fact that at 21 minutes past 9 last night wherever you are, it was 21 minutes past the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century ? I did too.
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    Samsung S21Ultra

    Announced today here. Phones are becoming amazing these days. 108 megapixel main camera 100 times zoom. 512gb hard drive 16GB Ram 5000 milliamp battery. 120hz display 8k video 6.8" screen. Fill forms in on your phone using the s pen Will phone's just keep getting better and better, how much...
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    Toyota Australia Hands back $18 million

    I just can't decide wether to applaud Toyota or be cynical and say this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
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    Prince Charles

    Britain's Prince Charles will tell businesses they must put the planet and its people first as he launches a new charter of sustainability backed by some major global companies. It never ceases to amaze...
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    What are you up to ?

    Thought it might be a nice idea to Post whatever it is you're up to at the moment. I know people aren't doing much due to Covid but you can still do DIY and visit places etc. We are on our way to northern Queensland for a few days on the Whitsunday islands and Cairns. I've always wanted to spend...
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    Peter Jackson and The Beatles film he's doing.

    Attention all Beatles fans, this has just popped up on YouTube, Peter is talking about his recreation of the movie Get Back... Wow it looks amazing and a long way from the miserable bickering finale that was reported at the time by all and sundry, they look a pretty happy bunch to me. Having a...
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    Live music concerts.

    I'm talking about big venues where thousands of people turn up. Does anyone else think they are way overrated, way to expensive, and just over the whole thing? I don't think I could be bothered going to see some big name act anymore. It's all a massive rip off. Is it just me?
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    Koala wanders into families Christmas tree

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    Comedy Genius.

    The are quite a few of them one of which must be Rowan Atkinson. He's made heaps of brilliant stuff of course....Black Adder etc. I got belly ache remembering this. His delivery and facial expressions are superb. Name your favourites..
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    The Domestic Cups.

    During these very unusual times would it bother you so much if Pep fucked off the domestic cups like Herr Klopp of dipperland does every season ? I'm not that arsed about retaining the Caraboa cup again...... I know, I know... spoilt bastard etc. It just seems to fuck us up with tiredness and...
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    Not for the squeamish..

    This is the biggest Eight legged bastard I've ever seen in Australia hahaha.
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    Beatles alternate No 1s

    The Beatles had 27 number one hits as per their 1 album. There are quite a lot of songs that I feel would have made number one but were just released as album tracks. List your 7 tracks a side alternate Beatles number one album. Eight days a week I Saw her Standing There All My loving It won't...
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    I think I found the worst saxophone solo ever recorded.

    It comes in around 57 seconds but listen to it from the beginning for context. Hilarious.
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    50,000 crowd expected tonight.

    At Lang Park in Brisbane for the Rugby league clash New South Wales vs Queensland. Fantastic to see a full stadium after all these months.
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    The worst things human beings do.

    Pretty depressing thread. What are some of the worst things for you that we humans do ? Thilafushi - or Rubbish Island - in the Maldives. The country dumps upwards of 330 tons of rubbish on the island every day, a figure attributed largely to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls...
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    Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells

    This is an excellent BBC doco about the making of Tubular Bells, fantastic album I've always loved. Mike was quite a strange guy in those days.
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    So that's how my ukulele got cracked

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    Incredibly wealthy people.

    Had this discussion/disagreement with someone yesterday about a very rich person worth hundreds of millions of dollars donating several million dollars to a medical facility and it's good there are philanthropists donating to good causes. Very generous etc. My point is that someone who owns...
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    Some on here would just torch the f*****

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    Massive hail storm here yesterday.

    Loads of cars and house roofs wrecked, luckily no-one killed. Have a look at it hitting the swimming pool..
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