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    Fake Ronny's Birthday today

    My personal highlight of his career.
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    Football Commentator sacked for having a dump Should have just done a Tyler and done it in his pants.
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    Best areas to rent property in Manchester

    My employer are considering opening a depot at Man Picc. I'm considering transfering over and moving to Manchester. Which area would people recommend for value for money home renting wise?
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    Social media and the workplace

    A friend of mine was dismissed for writing a satirical post management deemed racist yesterday. The company does has a social media policy but this hasn't been agreed with the unions because they thought it was too invasive into members personal lives outside of work. The people that know him...
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    Greg Clarke resigns as FA chairman

    Masters talking lots of management bollocks. PPV to be dropped. "Changes to reflect European football are coming". Stumbled over why investment in Newcastle was blocked. And backed Chelsea spending lots of money. Surprised no MP has taken a cheap shot at us. MPs gave him a kicking. Rick...
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    NASA to make major announcement about the moon. Clangers are real? Aliens? Rags to move there?
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    The Social Dilemma - Netflix I've seen it mentioned on various threads and think it deserves its own thread to debate the film and the positives/negatives of social media. I wasn't sure if this should be in the nutter's forum of politics or the general one as it encompasses literally...
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    VAR Rules 2020/21 The official ones on the PL website which will no doubt be ignored if you wear red.
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    Soccer Aid - ITV

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel this year. Yaya would look skinny if he played compared to Chunks.
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    Train derailment at Stonehaven

    Doesn't sound good. Emergency services struggling to get to the train to begin rescue effort. Front of train allegedly caught fire. My worst nightmare as a train guard. We are trained to work on this kind of scenario. Thoughts with all involved.
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    Friedkin Group buy Roma for €591 Million It has been alleged in the past a certain football club using their FSG influence over that club. Are these related to them or a separate entity?
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    Harrogate Town V Notts County BT Sport

    I will be supporting the Juve of the East Midlands this afternoon. Despite them giving me one of my lowest footballing moments as a kid living in Nottingham (Gary Lund is still a ****) I've always had a soft spot for The Magpies. Like other clubs they've been used by dodgy owners to launder...
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    When are the new season fixtures out?

    I’m guessing we have to wait on whoever wins the play offs first? Be interesting to see who gets the big home games before fans are allowed back in.
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    The Chimp Paradox

    Just started reading this book and it's enlightening. Only a few chapters in and realises how much debate in the politics forum is controlled by the chimp. (I include myself in that). Decent read.
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    Alti Fan gets FA Cup final

    Anyone shocked?
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    No Ballon d'Or award this year.

    Kev must have won it.... :)
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    World Cup 2022 dates announced

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    OJ Simpson Trial

    just watched a documentary about it. 8 month trial and verdict made in less than a day. Stories of jurors just wanting to fuck off home, one allegedly a former member of the black panthers. Looking back on it a bit older now I never realised how much it racially divided the nation. Had it...
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    Des Barnes - Alleged international arms dealer Curly Watts must be pissing himself laughing.
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    Shaving or waxing your sack - Which is best?

    Or is going hairy Jeremy? Discuss.
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