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    Mild aggravation outside Wembley

    Not good this, fair play to any blues who stepped in.
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    City top of football arrests league

    The stats for last season have been released. City had the most arrests out of all the prem teams - only 2 clubs with more and that's Leeds and Millwall. Highest amount of arrests for 'violent disorder' in the prem as well unfortunately. There was even an arrest for possessing an offensive...
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    What are peoples opinions of Prestwich as a place to live? I've been looking at a few areas to buy in recently, Prestwich being one of them. Been to see a couple of houses and people are bigging it up as the new Didsbury/Chorlton (which might not be a selling point to some!). Am i missing...
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    Hi, I'm going on holiday and will be missing Swansea, Bayern and Everton at home. I am looking to sell my season ticket in block 307, which is Esst Stand Level 3, its row H so near the front of the tier, really good view. Looking for £90 for the 3 matches. Cheers
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    Anyone lost a flag?

    Got handed a flag outside the ground tonight. If anyone has lost one PM me Cheers
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    Newcastle Trains

    Anyone managed to find anything cheap? Cheapest I can find is £56. Cheers
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    Today's atmosphere - very raggish????

    Are we turning into our arch enemies? Today was one of the worst atmospheres ive ever experienced at home. Dull, drab and boring. Do ppl expect to turn up and walk over the likes of QPR these days? At least get behind the lads. I think we should re name the singing section and the south stand...
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    We need to talk about David

    Anyone else think David's form has completely nose dived over the past 4 games? His performances of late have been average at best. I know he has played a lot of games this season - maybe he would benefit from an extended break/rest? Don't get me wrong, I love Mancini and have complete trust...
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    Strange request - United Away Home end

    Right, I've got a United 'fan' who has 2 tickets in our end through work. She is going to use them if she can't get a ticket in the United end (fucking madness I know). So my question is, is there anybody out there who can get hold/knows of 2 tickets in their end? I will buy them and then swap...
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    Train to QPR

    Looked the other day and we're talking about £52 return. Gets you in around 1pm and then home on the 9pm Anyone found anything cheaper/any deals?
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    SWP testimonial?

    This will be his tenth season playing in the first team. Made his debut on 24th August 1999. He's made 385 appearances and scored 57 goals. The closet thing to a legend in the current squad. If he stays, do you think he should be granted a testimonial at the end of the season? We normally...
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    Liverpool ticket for sale £30

    Got a spare one people, row 20 so no restricted view.
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    Lets turn our back on 'the Poznan'

    Its getting a little tired now for me, its more of a chore than a laugh. We've done it for Neil today, let's put it to bed now and leave it in our wake.
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    SWP or Alan?

    Who would you rather have? SWP is fuckin gash for me, seriously lacking that killer touch That Alan looked alright on the ball
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    There will be 2 spare seats in our end tomorrow.......

    because I've lost them! Absolutely gutted! They must have got thrown in the bin, turned the place upside down for em. Not sure if I've posted this before, but I've made a bet for charity with my cousin for £1000, that I will attend every game home and away this season. Money is goin to francis...
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    Loyalty point scheme

    Quick question, does anyone know what season the loyalty points scheme was brought in? Cheers
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    Good luck blue!

    There was a fella today in block 309 who was in a bad way. think he may have had heart attack. the paramedics were giving him cpr for quite a while at his seat, and then he wa strechered out. hope he is alright
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    Patrick Viera - really starting to look the part

    Thought he had a great game last night, this couple with his showing at Fulham shows that he is really starting to settle into the team. It was his craft that opened up Wigans defence for the first goal, something the likes of Barry and De Jong cant do. Is he signed permanent or on loan? If he...
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    1 Hull ticket needed

    Please PM me if you have a spare. Thanks
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    Kidulthood BB3

    Fuck me is this what kids are like these days? No wonder the country is in the state it is.
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