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    What are you drinking right now?

    Guinness West Indies Porter
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    Celtic (A) - Pre-Match Thread....

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    Phoenix Nights...

    If I ever hear Take my Breath Away, I have to sing - walking on the moon. And Im pretty sure I will forever
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    Maastricht - Holland. Any recommends?

    Is that an answer to a different question ?
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    Maastricht - Holland. Any recommends?

    Im confident that where there's a will there's a way - but just in case, we are going via Amsterdam
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    Maastricht - Holland. Any recommends?

    Im off there with the missus next week, after hearing how nice it is. Does anyone have any personal recommendations as to places to see, eat, drink, smoke and be merry?
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    David Kidd, chief sports writer for the Daily Mirror

    No, I've not been in a coma , not at all. But I'm not on here very often - so Id missed that.
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    David Kidd, chief sports writer for the Daily Mirror

    Cut and paste (hopefully) so those bvllshit pedlars dont get any clicks
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    Cecil Parkinson dead

    I think they wheeled out some of his cronies to sling some mud her way. She wasnt innocent in havibg an affair with a married man, but it takes two - and she sure paid the price
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    Cecil Parkinson dead

    To turn your back on your daughter - whatever the circumstances is bad enough. But to take an injunction out so her name cant be used publicly, and to contest the payment amounts he had to make for her - is terrible. But to know she has quite severe mental disabilities, and needed a high level...
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    Parking ticket *update on p3*

    Is that November change in law applicable retrospectively? My missus has had one dragging on for about a year now. They've upped the amount, then offered to reduce it for quick payment and its been passed between about 4 different collection companies (or at least different letterheads) We've...
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    Stephen King, master of the macabre.

    Ive read a few over the years, and have enjoyed the story build up and the characters, but consistenatly found the endings to be poor. Always a let down after so much promise.
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    Upton Park memories

    We were put in the police escort to the tube, then had to leave it to find the car. Squeaky bum time. Saw the Marcus Beasley win, and the SWP header for a draw. 4th time and not seen us lose.
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    Damp patches ...

    If it has had cavity wall insulation installed relatively recently then we'll worth asking the installer to come back and blow more material into the effected area. If for some reason there. Is a void in the cavity this causes a cold spot which attracts moisture which leads to mould growth...
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    Encountering City players / staff in everyday life

    Not counting corporate do's or supporters club events: I met Joe Royle at his house as a kid - and support City as a result. Played footy in a charity match against Asa Hartford. We lost Brown and the Edgehills on the lash around Withington - they later threatened my mate who gave them some...
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    Show us your first shirt

    mine too, but with long sleeves. Lost it when still new after school cross country running at Woodbank Park. Devastated
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    Festive Booze

    Ha - I didnt realise you were in the States. Was hoping you advise me as to which supermarket has it. Although internet research has drawn a blank re supermarkets. It is available mail order,so I will get some ordered. Just not in time for Christmas
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    What food would make you actually throw up if you ate it?

    liver, kidney and celery would probably do the trick. Rhubarb too
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    Festive Booze

    Im having some of that. Wheres it from? Really got into this type of thing recently. Last year was all about Guinness West Indies porter and : Have you tried it? Sadly Morrison's dont stock it anymore.
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