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    5 v 5

    At the game yesterday me and my dad were discussing how good gundogan and silva would be at 5 aside in training. I wonder what the teams would be from our current squad and who would win. My first choice 5 aside would be Eddie b.silva d.silva aguero gundogan and delph I think. Who would fellow...
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    film series /tv shows that never got finished

    Really annoys me when a series of films is left unfinished or a tv show gets cancelled and there is no resolution. Sitting on a sun lounger has given me time to ponder importnat and annoying things such as this. Any thoughts on which series of films or shows you wish they had finished. My list...
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    Scouts and transfers

    I said it before the season kicked off that other teams had done better than us in the transfer window. We did poorly in terms of buys last season as well. We also seen to miss our first choices. So my question is Who is scouting players like Garcia, Sinclair, savic, fernandinho and urging us to...
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    Just watched ringside special on sky sports. Was basically 6 great ex middleweights inc Eubank, Roy Jones, Steve Collins and calzaghi sat round the table discussing their careers. Great viewing to be fair there was real tension between Eubank and Collins and jones is very engaging. Well worth a...
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    Bayern midfielders

    If the Thiago to Munich story is true the surely they have too many top class midfielders and we should maybe try to pinch one from muller kroos shakiri robben or ribery. I'd love to think we could get schweinsteiger but more chance of signing messi I reckon
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    Lescott Vs nasty

    For me yday again showed why lescott is currently still the better partner for kompany. As great as I can see nasty becoming he still hasn't worked out how to play against a big strong cf who likes a scrap and attacks the ball in the air. We never got to grips with Kone at all yday and vk ended...
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    Last season I commented on here that rm had improved everyone of our defensive players. I think the issue this year has been we haven't had that defensive solidarity to build on. Say what you like about nasty but vk and lescott were awesome last year and we undoubtedly miss Micah as well as zab...
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    I think the key to us winning our title again is maintaining partnerships throughout the team. I thought we were excellent today due to the way Zaba and Milner operated together, aguero and Dzeko played together, BArry and Yaya played together and importantly Vinny and Lescott these pairs just...
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    Good team yes, good squad???

    I think yesterday showed our squad up as pretty poor given the money we have spent. Injuries to Milner and Richards aside, the reserve players we have kolarov Garcia Sinclair kolo maicon lescott, Rodwell, even arguably dzeko because of his performances when he starts, are not good enough to come...
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    martin kelly

    Wtf is he doing in before Richards fuck off hodgson
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    Thank you sir for bringing glory to city. You have improved virtually every player in that squad especially our defenders. You are also a gentleman who has put up with a lot of garbage from the gutter press and some planks on here - didsbury save et al, hope you're ashamed, billy shears can't...
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    gareth barry for england capt.

    Class all year. Under rated what he lacks in pace he compensates for with heart.
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    Two big mistakes

    1. THe Poznan - not even our creation. Was as much a gimmick as stoke fans waving their hands and going woah as delay takes a throw. It's even more embarrassing now every team who scores against us does it taking the piss. 2. That stupid we will score when we want song. Made us sound as...
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    team for rest of season

    For me we now go with lads who are gonna scrap and know what it means to dig in for the remaining games. My team week to week barring injury would be Joe hart Lb. Zab. Rb. Richards Cb lescott and kompany Cm yaya barry milner Rwf tevez Lwf silva Cf aguero Let's just go for it
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    is chelsea at home now our toughest fixture?

    A lot of teams experience an upsurge of firm in the short term after sacking a manager. I'm concerned that chelsea will do just that especially given that many of their old guard did not like avb and have a point to prove. I can see them seeing that game against us as the place to make that...
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    where did we lose our swagger?

    Don't get me wrong we are still top and getting results but I think that we have lost the swagger we played with early doors. For me this happened at Stanford bridge. We were outstanding until we did not get the penalty then for the first time a bit of hesitancy and doubt crept in. I hope we win...
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    Mike Wedderburn SSN

    Good on you lad taking the wind out of cuntis sails. I don't know how he sits and listens to shite every morning from dennis, cuntis, and mccarthy I hope he rips into the lot of them when we win this title.
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    Just watched the film 'Warrior,' its very good check it out fellow bluemooners, I enjoyed it as much if not more than the fighter. Its no Rocky but it is good and certainly makes you want to hit the gym.
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    New song

    Sick of hearing same chants used by different clubs. How about this as a bluemoon original. To the tune of elton John 'guess that's why they call it the blues' "you wish that you could play like the blues, Running like Milner, Scoring like Dzeko, Passing like silva, Thanks to sheik mansour...
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    if not de rossi...

    I would love de rossi but I'm not sure he will come. I think strengthening midfield important though and preferably that player should be creative how about any of the following on the grounds they are more likely: Kaka or lass diarra, joao moutinho, or this might be controversial but I rate...
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