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    Jeremiah St.Juste

    We are considering this guy for centre back. Dutch lad who plays in Germany.
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    Anyone else think we have missed Danilo

    I think a big mistake was made letting Danilo go. He was quietly efficient in whatever position he played in. Cancelo looks nowhere near the player Danilo is. Last two seasons he filled in for injuries and suspensions and always did a top job except maybe the odd time he was tried at left back...
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    Just heard a Dembele rumour

    Just heard that the player we are actually going for is not a DM at all but is in fact Ousemane Dembele of Barcelona. Same person that told me several years ago about Adebayor going to Real Madrid which was proven correct.
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    Foreign player limit and keepers

    I think it's a real waste of a foreign player place to have our second choice goalkeeper taking a foreign spot. Keepers rarely get injured so I think losing a valuable foreign spit is crazy. I get it that Jie Hart wants first team football and Pep wants his own man between the sticks. Surely...
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    Where is he? Surprised he was not in the squad on Wednesday. Not heard that he is going out on loan. Surely would have been worth a run out against Bucharest.
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    Zinchenko, Mooy, Roberts, Moreno, and the new Spanish defender

    Why? Just seems pointless to me to sign these players without the intention of ever really playing them. Lopes, Suarez, Rekik, zuccilini? Why? Now Garcia has gone on loan. Best academy in the world and we are still buying players who will not feature surely we have them in the academy. I'm...
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    How do I upload photos on here from my iphone

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    Guitarists thread

    Thought I'd start a thread for all guitarists out there. I bought my twentieth guitar the other day. Got four amps and a ridiculously sized pedal board. Chance for people to share guitar geekiness and in my case obsessiveness.
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    Top ten albums of all time

    1 ocean rain Echo & the bunnymen 2 screamadelica primal scream 3 exodus Bob Marley & the wailers 4 Londons calling the clash 5 Moseley shoals ocean colour scene 6 wildwood Paul weller 7 high land hard rain Aztec camera 8 stone roses stone roses 9 design for life manic street preachers 10 last...
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    Martin Samuelsen

    Just watching him saying for Peterborough. Why the hell did we get rid of him. Supremely skillful making premier league players look silly. 18 years old fair play to him going to play first team football. He looks some player!
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    Buying players that will never play

    Why sign the two Australian lads, unal, zuccilini and roberts. I may be wrong on roberts but I doubt it. I get the feeling these players have been bought with the intention of up selling them in the future for a profit. Chelsea do this constantly and it is like a sport version of human...
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    Julian Weigl

    To sign from B Dortmund
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    Shay Facey

    Heard a rumour we have recalled Shay Facey. Is this because Kompany and Mangala injured?
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    Moutinho would make a great signing if he Pogba deal is indeed dead. Vastly experienced great footballer and I'm sure would not cost silly money.
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    Reus and Gundogan

    Forget pogba and de Bruyne get these two signed for half the money and better players in my opinion. They tore us apart in the champions league a couple of years ago and both are over injury problems now.
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    We should not let this guy go to the rags £15 million a bargain if he's over his injuries he will be best central midfield player in next 5 years.
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    Liverpool game no subs announced

    Why weren't the subs announced or even shown on the scoreboards before kick off. Most annoying come on City sort it out.
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    Your favourite ever city 11

    Please note YOUR favourite not necessarily the best ever. Just the 11 players you couldn't help liking regardless of their success or failure. Here's mine 1. Joe Corrigan 2. Pablo Zabaletta 3. Willie Donachie 4. Mike Doyle 5. Dave Watson 6. Ian Bishop 7. Maurizio Gaudino 8. Ali Bernabia 9. Shaun...
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    Alberto Moreno

    To replace kolarov.
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    İlkay Gündoğan

    Gundogen For all the Dortmund players you could have this guy would be my first choice an outstanding midfield player, always got time on the ball, always selects the right pass.
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