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    Yaphet Kotto

    Passed away aged 81. RIP.
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    PL Fantasy League

    Will anyone be running a league this season?
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    Chemo Brain/ Possible Brain Damage

    Even though I am thankful to have survived non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1998, I do worry that chemotherapy has severely impaired my cognition. I was only eight years old at the time but my mind has been extremely foggy ever since my recovery. Now my mind is usually blank, I cannot concentrate and...
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    Most Detestable Players in the Prem...

    Anders Herrera gets my vote. He should be an Oscar candidate with his acting ability.
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    Ketogenic Diet

    Is anyone on BM currently on the Ketogenic diet? And if so, what have your results been thus far? After learning that it could potentially be of benefit to those with ADHD and autism, I decided to start the diet on Monday. It’s only day four but I am amazed at how difficult it is to restrict...
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    MOTD’s All-Time PL Eleven

    The clip is a few months’ old but I think it’s worth watching if you missed it. I was disappointed to see that Zabaleta and Silva were not even shortlisted for their respective positions. And I’m not sure Yaya was even mentioned for one of the midfield spots.
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    Need a new TV - recommendations please

    The LG 43UJ630V (43 inch) is the only model under consideration at the moment. I am no expert on the latest technology but ideally it will be a Smart TV, made by someone well-known, at least 40 inches and cost no more than £450. If anyone can recommend any TVs that meet the above criteria, I...
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    Player ratings?

    On another forum (it shall remain nameless) I have noticed that there are rating polls for player performances after each game. It's quite similar to the Man of the Match polls in the main forum but an on-going average rating for each player is generated once each poll has closed. I think it...
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    Should I be concerned....

    .. that it's extremely difficult for me to be interested in other people? After making the realisation that I needed to make some big changes to how I viewed other people, I am now getting out of my comfort zone - my mother's house - for prolonged periods each day. However, I feel almost like I...
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    Absurd Question....

    ...that I am in desperate need of answering. How do you absorb and retain information? The reason for my mind-bogglingly stupid question is because in two weeks' time I will be returning to an academic environment for the first time in seven years. I believe it is pertinent to add the...
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