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    [Official] Guardiola to manage City next season

    Get the fuck in!
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    Player Topic: Kevin De Bruyne (2015/16)

    What a waste of money lads!
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    This Weeks other PL Fixtures Week 9 17-19 Oct 15

    Can see Everton getting something out of their game today, would not surprise me if they win. Be interesting to see how Chelsea will do.
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    Club Badge (merged)

    This is lovely!
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Juventus (15/09/15)

    Deary me Bony, awful shot!
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    This Weeks other Champions\Europa League Games

    Griezmann gets a second! Bale off, injured too it seems.
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    This Weeks other PL Fixtures Week 5

    Tyler as impartial as it gets there. Naught to see here lads
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    AS Monaco Thread

    Abidal to Monaco official as well.
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    Neymar was largely bought because of his marketing potential. Rosell wanted a signing like that, and in my opinion it's mostly a case of "better come to us instead of rivals" even if they don't need a player in that position. CB is a big ask for them. At the moment I don't see Thiago Silva...
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    Liverpool Thread 2013/14

    Didn't Dalglish manage only a year at your place Jimi? :P
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    Angel Di Maria

    So they won't be signing a CB then? :P
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    Oliver Torres

    Nope. And Atletico won't sell him so soon as well. In a few years perhaps but not now.
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    Joe Kinnear

    He is cracking me up more and more with each interview he gives. Poor Newcastle fans :D
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    The Tottenham Thread 13/14

    Villa looks like someone who came out of nowhere and is not supposed to be there :P
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    The Confederations Cup Thread/ City Player Watch.

    Germany overrated? And Belgium to beat Brazil? Okay then..I agree that Belgium, at least on paper, have a squad bursting with talent and potential, but that's where it ends. They have no experience at tournaments and those players still don't play that well together. They are not on a level to...
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    Pellegrini Interview (merged)

    Re: Pellegrini Interview Perhaps Zidane called him too?
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    The Confederations Cup Thread/ City Player Watch.

    Well after so much disappointment for Messi in previous World Cups don't you believe he will be even more motivated now? I'm not saying they will play only to suit him, they have Kun, Higuain, Di Maria etc. They are really weak in defence though so that may cost them. I completely agree with...
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    The Confederations Cup Thread/ City Player Watch.

    Argentina have the players available to reach a Final in my opinion and Messi will be as motivated as ever. I agree with what you said about Germany though the only problem I see for them is the heat and humidity in Brazil. If they manage to get used to it quickly then I can't see anyone...
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    Amazing transfer for Porto and just the guy to replace James Rodriguez. 2-3 good seasons down the line they will make a huge profit once again..
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