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    Daft Punk Decommissioned

    Called it quits today, assumed they were working on another album for the last 7 years, seems not so. Rust in peace.
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    City and Blackburn - title link quiz

    2018/19 and 1994/95 the same thing happened that has never happened at any other time for a team winning the English Championship - what is it?
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    Happy 50th Birthday Michel Vonk...

    The no nonsense centre back who was the stalwart City's defense in the early mid 90s reaches the milestone today. There is a trivia question as he shares his DoB with a less known City player. Can anyone guess who it is?
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    Spurs Away ticket confirmation Seat Number query

    Does anyone else have tickets allocated wide apart or does 90-133 mean they are two within that block and row. If someone has ordered 3 and got the same thing then it must be. Ta
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    Bristol Away Tickets

    Adults £32, O65/U25 £29, U22 £26, U19 £15, U12 £10 £2,641 allocated - same rubbish end as last time with next to no facilities with an outside entrance and a stand you enter from the front, unless they have forked out to improve it...
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    Tickets on OS for Soton £20

    Tickets on city site going fro £20 now for all of lower tier and some of 2nd. Dropped a lot since yesterday. The rest of the ground has stayed the same price. It may be a different price for non-ST holders logging in.
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    Boro Tickets not Sent Out

    I see first day of sale tickets were finally sent out after 5pm today according to the confirmation email. Even if all the rest are sent out tomorrow it will be touch and go for Friday and too late if they land on Saturday. Anybody know what to do when you get home on Friday and the tickets...
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    West Ham Ticket News - FA Challenge Cup 06.01.17

    06.01.2017 of course. Published on Thursday so may have missed it. £1 for away fans U16 and looks like £15 for ST Holders mainly with some £10 tickers possible. Likely to be the worst away experience since 24/08/08. Season Ticket Holders Band Adults U16s 1966 £25 £25 One £20 £1 Two...
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    City games live on telly v Burnely

    4-2 5-1 6-1 Complete the sequence...
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    Direct Train for Burnley

    For those who don't know there is now a direct train to Burnley From Manchester Victoria which takes 50 to 52 mins setting off 4 mins before the hour every hour (unless you go really early i.e. 8.53am). The cost is £14.80 for two adults traveling together so ask for a Duo ticket if there are...
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    Rochdale Hornets Promotion

    Beat the unbeaten table toppers Toulouse away to win promotion in the first part of the play-offs, after having poor form versus any play-off rival (bar Doncaster) in the super 8s and losing 46-6 in the same fixture 4 weeks ago. Toulouse had been 16-0 up and Rochdale ran out 24-22 winners to...
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    Club Silence on BM Refunds

    Has anyone who couldn't make it been refunded to their knowledge or had any communication from the club about it? They must know who couldn't attend from their database, so it would be easy to notify fans and let them know a refund is on the way. There is no mention whatsoever though, it...
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    Tickets Received for the Away Game 10th Sept?

    Have these been received by anyone? It has been well over a week. In particular if you have got them were they in S229?
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    Hugh Ferris

    Why did he want to get Sergio banned? Disgusted by his antics.
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    The Big Draw on Wednesday

    Who do you want? Only one defeat since 2012 and our defence starts tomorrow. Already though from Lancashire: Blackburn Everton Liverpool Preston Close by: Derby Leeds Stoke Key games tomorrow: Accrington v Burnley Morecambe v Bournemouth Gives ten potential close away draws plus one...
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    CL Semi and FA Youth Cup Final NOT ON same date

    There is a 50% chance the CL leg 1 will clash with the YC Leg 2, and that will guarantee very little support for the Youth Team at 'Stamsford' Bridge for the decider. It would be a terrible shame.
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    Red Devils Takeaway

    0 food hygiene rating, I hope the lurkers are feeling well :) (but doubt any have gone to a game)$category%20p$1
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    Top of the Pops Special Cup Final Edition 1981

    Link available for two more weeks. What was special? it was 19 mins 24 seconds, which was 20 mins shorter than usual in those day as it started at 7pm and had to finish early to allow some build up for replay on the fated Thursday evening. The late Tommy Vance introduces; Thin Lizzy, Sheena...
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    Shocking Refereeing - Trevor Kettle

    link Decides to blow the whistle as the ball is crossing the line for a goal in a 0-0 game. No media outrage though as it is League 2.
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    League Cup Appearances 2015/16

    Below are the appearances for all players in the league cup this season, also assumed starting team using appearances and team position logic. Hart and Kompany would not play based on the above logic, other than that it would probably be the strongest team: Starting 1 Caballero 5.0 2 Sagna 3.4...
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