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    Plane crash - Chapecoense FC - Awarded Copa Sudamericana - first game back today. P25

    Reports are emerging that a plane with 72 passengers onboard has crashed in Colombia. The plane was reportedly carrying the Chapecoense FC football team. I think its the team that played Jesus' Palmieras yesterday. They apparently had a Copa Semi Final against Atletico Nacional (Moreno's...
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    Andros Townsend

    Considering we are being linked with him and discussions (negative) about him on other threads might as well make a thread for him and discuss him here. Has a 10.5 mill buyout close. Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton and Palace also interested in him, luckily.
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    The positive and sensible thread

    I probably don't post as much as the others but I do read a lot of stuff on here and I must say the shit that Pellegrini and the players have got since yesterday has been insane and unwarranted. Now, I am not saying that there weren't any mistakes but calling for a new manager because we lost a...
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    Backup CM- Who would you play?

    So that is obviously our weakest point currently with Fernandinho out injured and it was very evident today that Milner din't do much right. So with Garcia coming back in a week against Chelsea in the FA cup, who would you play against Sunderland and then who would you play once Garcia is back...
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    Booing/Abusing our own players

    This is one of the worse things to do and us City fans have been getting rather good at it now. As mentioned on the Lescott thread, he has come out on twitter and said that he had been abused by our own fans. This is the second instance after Dzeko and Garcia (though some disagree) were booed...
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