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    Frank Lampard tells Klopp where to go! Amazing! Reminds me of Mancini telling Fergie to do one.
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    No rationale in suspending sporting events says the government. So far so good.
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    Slovan-Wolves no fans. Us next?

    Wolves game in Bratislava Oct. 24th to be played behind closed doors. If Zagreb appeal a verdict for their next home game it could move to our game in December? Ifs and buts, then knowing our luck!
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    Carabao Cup TV Highlights

    Wednesday 22:30 to midnight. Freeview Channel 012 Quest. Did a decent job last year.
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    Champions League Pots (to date) Porto Celtic Lille Would suit me Group Stage (32 teams) Pot 1 coef. Pot 2 coef. ------------------------ --- ---------------- ------------------------ ---...
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    Newport ticket sales.

    Sunday at 11am 22,000 points. 1614 ticket allocation.
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    Bournemouth tickets

    On a sale 10am Thursday. 24,000 points.
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    Everton away

    Concession available £17.50. Lower tier. Mate just out of hospital and game just a bit too early for him. PM please. SOLD. Thanks for all enquiries.
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    On site ticket sales

    Just called at the ticket office and once again the tickets aren't there. (Watford). They will be posted. Are they stopping ticket's being picked up???
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    Kharkov Airport transport. (Shaktar (A)

    Last year I noticed there is a trolley bus stop across the car park as you come out of the Airport. Ignoring a dozen or so Taxi drivers gathering round me as I came out and walked over to the Trolley bus stop, still being followed by a couple of them in their cabs, bought a ticket, About 15p...
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    Tram from Lyon Airport

    There is no Train or Bus from Lyon Airport. Only transport is Taxi 60-80 euros or Tram 42 euros return. Very expensive, but have spotted that you can purchase a return Tram ticket for 21 euros by buying the tickets online 2 Months in advance. Service is called Rhonexpress and can be found on...
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    Andy Burnham on Radio M/C

    Andy Burnham, Mayor Of Greater Manchester on BBC Radio Manchester Wednesday morning 9am. Inundate him for answer to our coach attack!
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    Buying a match ticket by phone

    First time i have used the phone to buy a match ticket. It was for someone on holiday. Started out at number 28 and took 20 mins to get to number 1. Thought right nearly there. No such luck, 35 mins. of the song Bluemoon later i'm through. 1 minute to buy ticket. 55 bloody minutes. Never again.
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    Glasses found in Naples Stadium

    Blue Specsavers Case. I will be at Etihad Sunday for collection. P.S. Any remarks about them belonging to the Ref. will mean a 20,000,000 euro fine and ten year ban from Europe for City!!!!!
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    Sunderland tickets on sale

    Tickets for Manchester City's Premier League game at Sunderland will be on sale from Monday 6 February at 9am. The game will be played at the Stadium of Light on Sunday 5 March, kicking off at 4pm. We have been allocated 2,500tickets, which are priced as follows: Adults: £30.00 Over 65s...
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    Fa Cup 5th Round Ticket Details

    Tickets for Manchester City's FA Cup game at Huddersfield Town will be on sale from Monday 6 February at 9am. The fifth round tie will be played at the John Smith's Stadium on Saturday 18 February, kicking off at 3pm. We have been allocated 3,700 tickets for this game, which are priced as...
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    UEFA Standings

    City are 33rd Last 16 standing And the rest of this season's last 16? Porto (9th), Dortmund (12th), Paris (16th), Leverkusen (18th), Benfica (20th), Atlético (22nd), Monaco (25th), Manchester City (33rd), Sevilla (44th), Napoli (49th), Leicester (76th)...
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    Bournemouth tickets on sale Monday

    Tickets for Manchester City's trip to Bournemouth will be on sale Monday 16 January at 9am. The game at the Vitality Stadium takes place on Monday 13 February, kicking off at 8pm. We have been allocated 1300 tickets, which are priced as follows: Adults - £30 Over 65s, 16-20yrs - £17 Under...
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    Are Virgin trains taking the mickey?

    On the day we play WHU (Feb 1st 19:45) the only train that could get you back to Manchester is the 23:00 from Euston. The cheapest fare to come up for this train started at £72 whilst the days before and after it is £22 for the 23:00. What is their thinking? I have traveled on the same time...
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    Leicester Tickets on sale Monday

    Tickets for Leicester v City at the King Power Stadium on Saturday 10 December at 5.30pm are on sale from Monday 14 November at 9am, to supporters who meet the qualifying sales criteria. We have received an allocation of 3240 tickets, which are priced as follows: £30.00 Adults £25.00 Seniors...
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