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    City v West Ham at Vue cinemas

    I saw our game tomorrow was being shown at Vue cinemas. I contacted them to find out which ones. I was hoping it might be shown at my local Altrincham Vue cinema. They sent me the list for fans interested: Aberdeen, Bolton, Bristol - longwell green - Cheshire Oaks (Chester) - Edinburgh Ocean -...
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    Future extra homegrown players in PL squads?

    With Brexit moving us out of Europe could the English FA significantly change the rules regarding homegrown quotas in the PL? This might give us problems. I notice United seem to be targeting many English players, do we need to adjust our transfer targets to cover future PL changes? Hopefully...
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    City DVD 2017/18 Record Breakers

    I was looking to buy a City highlights DVD for last season for a Christmas present for my Dad. He's been asking and I don't like to disappoint him. Apparently it was for sale in July before the "All or nothing" Amazon documentary came out...
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    Appropriate armed security for City Square and the Etihad

    Shouldn't we have the equivalent of airport/shopping centre levels of security for City Square and the Etihad? Visible armed police/security would provide a deterrent to any potential terrorist attack and make fans feel safer. With City Square we are the only club in the PL that provides a...
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    Is there a benefit to our players, manager etc being a "City fan"?

    Some of our players have clearly become "City fans" eg VK, Zab and Joe Hart. They love the club and give extra effort and passion in games. Others like Silva and Kun seem very nearly at that level. Such feelings don't come overnight and hopefully many of our other players can develop these as...
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    We need midfielders who can finish. There is only KDB with a decent shot outside the area.
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    Does City have Cryotherapy recovery chambers?

    With all the hype about Jamie Vardy this weekend. He puts great store with the Cryoaction Cryotherapy recovery chamber they have at Leicester City. Does anyone know if we...
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    WC organisation reflects badly on club

    Guys some important feedback for the club to improve visitors perception of Manchester City stadium from last night. Please avoid the particular bag search system that was implemented last night for the rugby world cup game. It was dangerous, incredibly frustrating for the fans and cost the...
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    Buying players with poor mental attitude

    We seem to have recruited more than our fair share of talented footballers with a poor mental attitude, (probably starting with Robinho?) Whilst this was understandable initially with us needing to prize away top quality talent, without being able to offer CL football. To be strongly linked...
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    Improving City in house match coverage

    We have lots of CityTV snippets on the OS, of interviews with players and match highlights. However isn't it time we improved our in house match coverage like the academy games? Last EDS game, Southampton provided a superb live stream, with 2 excellent commentators, that was available to view...
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    Meet Wilfried Bony (club keeps promise)

    My son is a big Bony fan and wants to meet him. As soon as he signed he bought a full Bony kit from the club website, after the Club advertised on 15th Jan: "If you're one of the first 50 people to buy a "Wilifried -14" shirt, you can meet the man himself when he returns from international...
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    Obvious mistakes in Official Manchester City Annual

    My kids just opened the latest City Annual for Christmas. The first thing they did is the City quiz. Embarrassingly it is full of obvious mistakes and looks like it's never been checked or proof read. Most questions are out of sequence with the answers and at least 2 questions are incorrectly...
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    Jovetic pulls a hamstring for Montenegro

    BBC are reporting Jovetic has pulled his hamstring with Montegro. Lets hope its not too serious... With Jovetic and Aguero's injury blighted last season many fans were concerned about us selling Negredo and going down to 3 strikers. Get well soon Stefan.
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    Penalties - Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

    If we want to win trophies we need to have better preparation for winning on penalties. The performance last night was embarrassing in the shootout. Mignolet seemed to be studying pre-prepared notes indicating where are players were most likely to shoot. We were complaining about the end it was...
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    Please Support U19s v Benfica @Hyde Tues Free Entry

    City are playing Benfica at 7pm Tuesday evening, Hyde FC Walker Lane, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2SB. Free Entry. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Possible age fraud with African Players

    There are quite a few occasions where African players are apparently committing age fraud, particularly from Kenya and Nigeria. We need to be vigilent against this. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Shortage of City wall Posters

    Can we get the City store to get some more City wall posters? There is currently only the "Bluemoon" one available. I have sons who want to decorate their bedrooms with a selection of wall posters but cant get them. Surely the City shop should sell more than just one poster? Cheers!
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    Horse racing doping in Dubai

    BBC is running a big story on its front page of a horse racing scandal in Dubai. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Godolphin trainer Al Zarooni...
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    Plain Speaking Award for VK

    Pleased to see our captain receive my award in Belgium :-)) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... award.html</a>
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    Dortmunds training machine - Footbonaunt

    I came across an article in the Daily Fail thought the principle of the equipment may make a useful addition within our new training facility? <a class="postlink"...
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