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    Forum running slow??

    anyone else?? Think the City Dippers thread needs trimming down.
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    The Bert Trautmann story...

    For those who havent seen it... What a legend. !!
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    I'd welcome her to manchester :)
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    Mick Dennis Sky sports news paper review..

    Watched it this morning and fantastic words for City and our fantastic home form and scoring record.. He's a Norwich City supporter and he said this " I was at the the Etihad for the 7-0 drubbing we got- I was behind the goal and was taken aback by the movement of the City attack,players dashing...
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    Fake Britain

    On god..dangerous sofas and beds especially up north..all bought from SCS,Harveys,DFS, Argos,Amazon etc.. many failing flamabilty tests...should smoulder and go out but turn into full on fires... be carefull..No one knows just how many fire risks are out there..
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    Look I know Ric has to earn a crust and he we have to have adverts but please!!!!! nearly spat out my ovaltine..
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    Two little boys gone missing on the isle of wight.

    Six and eight years old,last seen on a sandbank.. where the fook were the parents??
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    North Korea special report.. 'secret state'

    Was on last night Sky news,and is repeated this morning at 10.30. Those poor sods over there are living their lives on lies and deceit!!
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    The pellegrini effect..

    Are we already seeing the effect that MP is having on the team?? I know its only pre season but certain players are 'playing better' it seems. Garcia is doing better,Kolarov is doing better,Dzeko has the eye for goal back(that many knew he had) These 3 players were the usual culprits last...
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    Useless/interesting bits of information.

    Top gear is the most popular factual TV programme in the world.
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    Want to have a laugh at womens football ??

    Then watch the next Englands womans game against France,And heres the funny bit..The co commentator sounds like Kathy Burke (Waynetta Slob from Harry enfield and chums)When you put the voice to the face its hilarious.. try wont be disapointed. Not sure if this should be here or the...
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    It's the cellar..anything goes..!!

    Mother: Speak up! Brian: Sch, quiet, mum! Mother: Well, I can't hear a thing. Let's go to a stoning! Bignose: Ssch! Brian: You can go to a stoning anytime! Mother: Ah, come on, Brian! Bignose: Will you be quiet! Bignose's Wife: Don't pick your nose! Bignose: I wasn't picking my...
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    Interesting comment from David Villa.

    Hes just been unveiled as an Athletico Madrid player but went on to say.... " many premiership clubs were showing interest in me but Athletico took days to do what these prem clubs have taken months to do,they made me feel special".. Are we(prem clubs) really that slow ???and is this the reason...
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    Please cut and paste your link stories..!!!!

    Plenty going on at the moment and many posters linking stories...have had 3 different stories with Mirror links already... Dont give them hits the shitbags...You're already on the site so why not cut and paste for all of us to read.. Do it or i'll send the boys round... :)
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    Isco playing today

    Spain v Russia.. Uwe Rossler is one of the pundits.. SS2.
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    Proof that Manuel really does speak English!!! Please delete mods...if you,ve got no sense of humour ;)
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    The 'persecution of old men'..has to be read to be believed.

    Human rights barrister says age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop the persecution of old men.. <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Odd socks for the final !!

    Got to be done !!I wore odd socks to the semi final in 2011 against the scum and we won. I wore odd socks to the final and we won. I couldnt make the semi this year but asked blues on here to wear odd socks to the semi with chelsea which they did and we won.(Thanks to Malg and co ) ( I wore odd...
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    Football focus today

    Papisse cisse.." It was difficult to take losing the biggest derby in England".. yeah ok ..papisse off.
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    Cockney Reds a dying breed !!

    Just watching the one show on bbc and Cockney accent is a dying breed. Its now M L E or Multicultural London English.. So its gonna be MLE reds innit from now on..
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