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    City pubs in Dublin

    In Dublin this weekend and just wondered if any Irish blues could recommend somewhere that might show our match?Obviously the rags are playing so worried I might struggle to see it. Cheers
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    Cape Town

    Going at new year for a couple of weeks. Just wondered if anyone has been and if so is there anything you'd recommend doing whilst there? Cheers
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    I'm going for a few days in a couple of weeks just wondered what people who've been thought of it and if anyone could recommend any decent hotels. Cheers
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    Barca blues

    Still in Barca today so will be watching the match here. Just wondered is there a City supporters branch here and if so what's the name of the pub they go in to watch the games? Thanks
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    Ab Circle pro

    Has anyone got one of these or anything similar? Was going to buy one but they seem to get slated on all the reviews. Just wondered if anybody on here would recommend which type to get if any. Cheers
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    Virgin media

    I've just got the monthly bill from Virgin and it's £115.That's for broadband,phone and the basic tv package with just the sport.I've only got one tv box and it's the old crappy one.I'm going to ring them to try and get it reduced or maybe change over to Sky.Just wondered if this seems dear and...
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    Cast tickets

    Ive got two spare Cast tickets for Friday night at Sound Control in town,£10 quid each if anybody wants them.
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    Does anyone know of anywhere that still has vacancies on Monday night in Munich?Even a campsite would do.Cheers
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    This is

    how it feels to be City....
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    Sharm El Sheikh

    Thinking of going there for a week or two next month.Just wondered if anyone has been and if so what they thought of it?
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    Stoke match

    Is the Stoke match on ITV or will it be on a dodgy channel?
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    utd away

    Anyone know how many points it is now down too for this,and if the ticket office is open today? Cheers
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    One Stoke ticket needed

    If anyone has a spare Stoke ticket let me know please.Ill be out for the night now but if you have one PM me the details and ill definitely have it.Cheers
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    This club

    Is unbelieveable it really is never ever dull.I slagged Hughes a fair bit myself but I have to say I think he's been shit on.Giving him all that money and then sacking him in December when we are 6th with a game in hand and a first cup semi final in 20 odd years is madness.If anything they...
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    Adebayor and Tevez

    Does anybody think that these two will be the partnership we need to really push on?I mean like scare the shit out of most rival teams and start to link up anything like Drogba and Anelka do for Chelsea?Most people will say this is nonsense but I honestly think Santa Cruz and Bellamy could form...
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    What time do Ireland kick off?
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    Does anyone know what he said about Beckham the other night?I know it upset the elephant man anyway.
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    Random one but I was just wondering if anyone has ever been to Bremen? If so what is it like as a City,in terms of nightlife things to do etc?
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    Random one but does anybody know what the song is at the end of the lat ever episode?
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    Oasis ticket needed

    Has anybody got a spare Oasis ticket for the Thursday night? Cheers
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