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    Fancy Dress

    Does anyone know any good sites for fancy dress that deliver pretty sharpish at a reasonable price?
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    Sky turned us down.

    Just watching the game after I got back and on 14 minutes you can hear lesson in pride getting sang pretty loud and then on 14 minutes 12 seconds it's clear to see we get the volume turned down on us. Wankers.
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    Just come off the phone...

    To my cousin who has just arrived home to a dead dog who was meana be being looked after by her boyfriend. She is in pieces.
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    OS interviewer

    I know he's had a few threads on him already but he really is a total idiot. What shit questions he asks consistently. Just been watching the Sinclair interview and it was cringeworthy to the point I had to turn it off. One question basically asked "when you were at chelsea and being loaned out...
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    Night out in Liverpool

    Going to Liverpool for a night out this weekend. Anyone been and have advice on best places to go? Cheers
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    The dog whisperer

    What a guy
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    Beastie Boys

    Who likes em? This video is a good watch. Got alot of famous people paying tribute to em in it (will ferrell, seth rogan etc)
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    Has there been...

    a better strike at eastlands since this one?
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    Relocating seats

    Is it still possible?
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    Trance music

    Anyone into it much? Started listening to a few tunes but don't know what to look for to find the top end songs. I like this one so far
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    Neil Young

    Must be a few fans on here. I'm just getting into him so any suggestions would be good. Heard the needle and the damage done on radio today again.
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    The playlist

    After we became champions (fuck you rags) does anyone remember all the songs that were played when we were waiting for the presentation? I've got sweet caroline and one step beyond so far
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    Drink a drink a drink to Vinny the king the king the king He's the leader of man city He's the greatest centre back that the wooooooooooooooooooooorld................. has ever seen!!! We need to use this from now on for the new leader of our club. I know you old fogies might want to keep...
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    BETFRED responds to paying out. Bahahahaha
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    My Life Sucks That is cool as feck
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    Which version is the Blue Moon in this vid?

    As the title says. Who is it done by? Can't seem to find it.
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    EPIC songs/soundtracks

    Songs that make doing everyday things EPIC. Anymore for anymore?
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    Download 2012 (Music festival)

    Think I'm going. I mean Black Sabbath, it's gotta be done. Who else?
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    Post City defeat chill out zone

    There needs to be a thread where you can throw anything in to calm us all down because I really need it.
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    Best mancunian footballer

    Apart from Vincent Kompany. My tin hat is firmly on but the only one who springs to mind is scholes........
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