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    Yaya Toure - 2016/17 performances

    yaya's back
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    Mike Doyle Tribute

    absolutely brilliant from the 1894 group. Great banner to a legend
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    Scotland vs Ireland

    Is anyone watching this ?? cracking game so far and amazing atmosphere. The noise itself is making the game more interesting . Hope scotland win
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    Please don't merge Look and hear the difference., btw I know these were important games. Everyone singing and getting behind the team. This is what we are capable of. So let's recreate this and show twats like scholes we are one of the...
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    The Boys In Blue

    Great to have this back !!, also like the slower version of bluemoon at the beginning, great work city
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    Flags at liverpool

    dont see why we couldnt do anything like this, the flags are very creative and origanal. I would love to see the whole south stand like this.
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    Micah Richards

    Played very well today, has so much pace. Will be hard to pick between him and zaba for the RB spot
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    English talent

    With the apparant exit of players like lescott, sinclair and possibly Micah ( hope not) we are severley lacking in english players. When we need to have a few in the squad and team imo Which english players could we buy ???? can we fill the homegrown quota without these players?
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    The Derby

    I think its time we showed them who the best fans in manchester are again. Lets silence those prawn sandwiches at the swamp. would love to see a stand full of blue smoke :)
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    Manchester Met uni

    Ive recently got an offer to study illustration, but am really struggling to decide whether to go there or not. what are peoples opinion of this course if possible and of manchester met as a uni. any advice would be much appreciated
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    Safe Standing

    lots of rumours going round that there could be a safe standing trial at the ground next season possibly in the east stand, is this true ?? If so i would move there straight away, it would improve the atmosphere greatly, allow greater numbers of singers to get together and possibly make it more...
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    The Green brigade ( celtic ) chances are they will cease to exist next season. They are being treated as criminals. Members are being followed, banned and arrested for no reason. They and many other celtic fans are now boycotting celtic and refusing to go...
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    Leeds ticket prices

    Manchester City v Leeds United Sunday 17th February 2013 Kick off – 2pm Supporters are advised that much of the South Stand will be unavailable for this fixture, due to the extended visitor’s allocation. Please see ‘Seat Relocation’ information below. Please note: All Platinum/Gold members...
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    Liverpool fans ticket price protest think this is fantastic, all the clubs fans need to work together and make a stand. Well done liverpool fans
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    CS6 Photoshop

    can anyone give me any help with this ?? Is there a website that I could possibly use to download this from for free. not very good with computers btw so thats why im asking for help :)
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