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    HRH Prince Philip - Passed Away

    HRH Prince Philip has sadly passed away aged 99. I’m sure it isn’t a surprise as he has had several years of bad health, but a sad day. RIP and thank you for all you have done
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    The Guy Next Door (Neighbour From Hell)

    Well last night I flipped and I need to get this off my chest to feel better. There I was sat in my living room watching the 1999 MUFC season review on tape. I had a fresh pint of Bitter in my glass, laptop open with all my United mates on a zoom call simultaneously watching the same game (we do...
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    Icelandic Volcano Part 2

    Brace yourselves. Over 50,000 earthquakes in 3 weeks and it’s finally stated erupting. After several weeks of heightened seismic activity on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, a volcanic eruption has finally begun, not far from the island nation’s capital city. The Icelandic Meteorological...
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    Haaland or Messi

    Very simple, we can sign only one player this summer who do you pick? Wages would be the same, contract length would be the same - Pick one.
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    Pep And His Clothes

    Does anyone know the make of coat Pep was wearing today? I’d love to buy one.
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    BBC North West Tonight in HD

    This is so annoying, there must be a way around it. When I watch the BBC news on sky in HD, channel 115, I’ve got an issue with North West Tonight being “unavailable”. I have to change over to channel 101 (standard definition). The normal 6 o clock news is fine, the issue is when it’s the...
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    "We value your privacy"

    No matter what option I tick when this flashes up, when I refresh the page, I have to click "agree" again. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Shropshire Supporters Club

    Is anyone on here part of the Shropshire Supporters Club? I’m currently in Shropshire having a little drive and came across a tiny little pub literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s currently flooded on all three sides by a swollen River Severn and has one single track road in and out. Next to...
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    Manchester Airport Parking Charge

    Good Morning bluemooners, In all my time driving, I have never had a single parking ticket or charge notice. Last night I was collecting my mum from Manchester Airport and she was delayed over 3.5hrs. This involved a lot of sitting around and waiting for her to arrive. At 8pm I pulled up onto...
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    Best Breakfast In Manchester?

    come in hit with me your recommendations. No greasy spoon cafes I want good high quality food but with a decent amount on the plate. I usually go to San Carlo Cicchetti but fancy a change of scenery.
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    The Upcoming Khaldoon Interview 2018

    I am really excited to see what Kaldoon has to say in this summers interview. For me it’s one of the highlights of the season and one that makes me realise just how lucky, and privileged we are to have such fantastic people at the help. Does anyone know what date the video usually comes out?
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    New Penalties For Speeding.

    Has anyone seen this yet? Absolute joke the way that fines and punishment will be handed out. The fine will now be a % of your weekly income. There are so many errors with this system I don't even know where to begin. So how would you feel being fined up to 175% of your weekly income in addition...
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    Low flying plane in the night

    last night I woke up abruptly at 3.30am and it was to the sound of a very low flying aircraft overhead. I was bolt upright when I heard it and I was adamant i wasn't dreaming. Did anyone else hear anything last night or was I dreaming, although I'm certain I wasn't.
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    Motor accident.

    Evening all. On Monday I was involved in an accident whilst driving at work. I wasn't at fault and the third party has admitted liability at the scene, he pulled out from a crossroads straight into my path and I couldn't do anything, resulting in the crash. The van had suffered damage and his...
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    1969 FA Cup Final Shirt Signed

    Does anyone know how much this would be worth? It's signed by Colin Bell, Mike Summerbee and Francis Lee?
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    Oriental Style Buffet

    Bluemooners I need some help. Where can we go out for some food this evening, that does chinese/Thai food but in a buffet format? I'm from Boothstown and ideally want to avoid going into Manchester, can anyone recommend anywhere local?
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    United post-match thread

    I'm sorry but this football is gash. The first part of the season we looked unstoppable, but the turnaround in recent games has been woeful. We've gone behind in the last 6 games 1-0 and never recovered bar one game. Pep needs to pull his finger out and big improvement is needed ASAP. I can't...
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    Holiday Ideas

    I've booked off the last 2 weeks of March, first week of April next year. I've done west and east coast USA, and I do love it. Never done the Far East and I'm wondering where I should head for. I will probably be travelling alone (never done this before) and don't want to slum it in hostels. Has...
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    Pep Heading Up The M6

    Surely this must be him? Currently on the M6 heading north past Knutsford. Anyone have a message for me to pass on? We are in the 50mph average speed bit so I should be able to speak to him
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    Rag @ the Etihad

    Hijacked BBC news mouthing off. Anyone recognise him?
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