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    Flash Player Pop Up

    I keep getting a Pop Up saying my Flash Player is out of date. Is this genuine as its not letting me get into a thread
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    Wenger to be named Bayern Munich coach?

    My Russian is pretty poor but even google translate thinks this is on. оворят, завтра Бавария объявит о назначении Венгера тренером.
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    Friends of UEFA

    Seems those of us in 93:20 are being moved again to accommodate the so called "Friends of UEFA". Last time this happened all their "friends" appeared to be dipper fans.. This time were being moved for all the group games.
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    Sky Live games

    West Brom at home 5.30 Saturday 9th April. Looks like Chelsea away has been moved to 5.30 on Saturday 16th April Stoke at home moved to Sunday 24th April, not sure which KO time Southampton away Sunday 1st May
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    New Lappie just staring at me

    bought a new laptop today. Got 8.1 on it. Tried to download Latest Windows updates before downloading Windows 10. It downloaded everything, but failed to complete, so now it's unloading all the changes and is just sat there.been doing it for ages now. It says dont switch off. Is it stuck or...
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    Champs league 4/11/15

    For anyone who just wants to watch a game, the Chavs game is on the BT Showcase channel 59 on Freeview
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    John Maddock dies The man who Swales employed soley to sack Peter Reid
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    The throwing the dog his toy while trying to watch MOTD

    He hasn't got a clue
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    Taped it

    with all the diffeent ways of watching programmes ,if some one asks you if you've seen it , do you still say "no, I've taped it"
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    (Fake) Brennan tweeted Sergio handed in transfer request

    Nothing to back it up , but says more to follow. Seems a bit serious, he wouldn't tweet something so far fetched if there wasnt something in it
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    Interview with Fernandinho in the Guardian

    The bit near the bottom where we signed him last season, seems rather strange as it puts the credibility of the rest of the interview into doubt. The act of kicking the ball away to alleviate pressure from the opposition has gained an almost animalistic connotation in England – "hoofing". In...
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    Where's the Mancini thread gone

    Dont tell me Dreary Dave and Silly Billy have finally left us and the thread has been pulled
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    Metrolink website

    They are trying there best to ingratiate themselves with the fans. Manchester City v Barnsley 9 March in the FA Cup - Kick off time 17.30 (Published:08/03/2013) Home games at Manchester City will mean there are increased numbers of people on the network, especially on services out to the...
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    Rubber Bandits

    Watched Frankie Boyles show tonight and he had these guys on.. been watching them on RTE downloads for the last year or so after one of the in laws over there introduced me to them. Well funny <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Unethical sacking

    Does anyone else think that Fergiescums comments are above and beyond. Surely the Premier League bosses need to look at his words
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    Peter Walton off to the States

    According to Graham Poll, Walton has accepted a refereeing mangement post in America which he will take up from next month. Hopefully that means March, so he won't have the chance to ref us again. Happy Days
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    which Custis was that

    At half time, i saw one of the Custis tw*ts being interviewed but didn't hear what he had to say, anyone hear what he said
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    Ghost, the musical

    Don't bother. that is all
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    Spot the Deliberate?? mistake

    The answer is in the comments below the article. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... -swap-deal</a>?
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    YOUR Team needs You

    Right, there has been much comment on here from people who have said that for one reason or another they are not going to the second leg. There was also a comment that as many as 15,000 season ticket holders have not purchased tickets for this game. Well just step back and think about it. Your...
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