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    Aguero v Bournemouth steward - allegation withdrawn

    An absolute farcial afternoon, incredibly dissapointed with the response from the club. I think Sergio was ill advised to approach the fat **** of a steward and put his hands on him, however tame it was. I can vaguely understand the pushing and general over reaction to the fans celebrations...
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    Champions League Semi Final Games 2/3/9/10 May

    I live in a studio flat looking over the Millenium stadium and a matter of 30 seconds walk away, if anyone wants to rent it out over the weekend of the final feel free to message me. All hotel rooms seem to have been booked up.
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    Your constituency

    Cardiff Central. Half the electorate are probably students so it was one of those seats the LDs lost in 2015 to Labour due to their position on tuition fees. I think this is one of the more interesting seats in the country and a fantastic barometer of how far LDs have come back into mainstream...
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    Nicest pizza I ever had was from a small takeaway in Thornton Heath, Sarf London. I only wanted something to fill me up after a long day of travelling and couldn't believe how nice it was. Dominoes is alright but I prefer Papa Johns, I like lots of cheese plus extra cheese and then some...
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    Sturgeon wants another referendum

    And you are a British Nationalist, who believes in keeping the Union together.
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    Sturgeon wants another referendum

    I find it baffling the amount of rage and unpleasantness on here from mainly English people against Scotland daring to want to go it alone. Can anyone explain why you are so angry about this? I happen to think Sturgeon should be made to wait until after we Brexit but I can't understand for the...
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    If you want to pull off something as ambitious as this you have to be supremely intelligent, an absolute genius to make everything fall into place. Karen Matthews was thick as shit, it was never going to work and she and that other chap somehow managed to delude themselves they could pull it...
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    Bradley sacked by Swansea

    You forgot to mention the coco pops story haha. But spot on about the ex dippers and rags. I was 18 when Swansea beat Reading in the play offs, I had the piss ripped out of me for supporting City all through school from Dipper and Rags alike and as soon as they won that game the very same...
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    Bradley sacked by Swansea

    He was a great chairman, all the managers he hired is testament to that plus their remarkable rise from the doldrums, they were a model club. However, he wanted out and he sold out and didn't give a fuck about the consequences. He's let himself down by not handing the club over to a safe pair of...
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    Bradley sacked by Swansea

    It just goes to show what a great chairman Huw Jenkins was when it came to hiring and firing managers. Flynn, Sousa. Martinez, Rodgers, Laudrup, Monk and even Guidolin all did a good job and what was required of them. The Yanks came in and hired a dud straight away.
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    Bradley sacked by Swansea

    Word is down here that Giggs is getting the job at the end of the week, I wish them all the very worst if that's the case. I'm good mates with an excellent Swansea ITK. I had a Christmas beer with him last week and we were discussing Swansea, basically he was saying that from what he had picked...
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    Six Christmas Threads

    I love the build up to Christmas, the goodwill in the air, countdown to a few weeks off work, Christmas parties, loads of football, Christmas Eve is the best night of the year by far. However once Christmas dinner is out of the way the rest of Christmas is absolutely awful and easily the most...
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    George Michael RIP

    Not a fan of his music but 80 million records speaks for itself. It's weird but I remarked at the christmas dinner table when discussing all those we have lost this year that there would be one more major celebrity death before the end of the year,
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    The only people leaving Pakistan as "refugees" are uneducated, low skilled and probably labourers from rural areas. They offer no value to Pakistan so I am not surprised they are less than forthcoming when it comes to welcoming them back. It's not like Syria where all sections of society are...
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    Lee Rigby was in 2012. Our intelligence is one of the reasons. The recent spate of terror attacks have been in the main perpetrated by people returning from Syria or who came here posing as refugees, it's far more difficult for main land Europe to control who comes in and out of your country...
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    Driver was going 40-50 km per hour. Most definitely a deliberate attack but no context yet, usual suspects jumping to conclusions on social media.
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    Driver apprehended, accomplice dead.
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    The pictures circulating are absolutely horrific, thankfully no bodies but by the look of the damage caused it will be a miracle if that death toll doesn't treble, just unimaginable that someone would do that.
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    BBC: lorry deliberately ploughs in to german christmas market

    With 50 reported injuries I think you might be right. It's madness, driver has fled the scene apparently.
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