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  1. J

    Lockdown quizzes

    Sorry to be that guy However. Been doing quizzes every week with my mates with us taking turns in being quizmaster. Last weeks was pretty decent with one round being question 1 having one answer, question 2 having two and so on. Ie for 5 it was name the Jackson 5. For 7 the 7 modern wonders of...
  2. J


    Got the series thread plus some individual ones like Game of Thrones. But let’s have it. Top three. No fucking about. No umming and arring. Just your top three. 1. Gomorrah 2. Game of Thrones 3. The Wire/Breaking Bad
  3. J


    Or creps innit Find it increasing more difficult to find pairs to my liking. Used to be all about Adidas but had most styles and not want to regurgitate I switched a bit to Nike’s but being over 30 there are only a limited number of those I can realistically wear. Can’t be wearing vapour max or...
  4. J

    How was your holiday?

    To follow the “Where are you going....” thread. Early days but maybe some good reviews and funny stories as the summer rolls on. Just back from a week in Cornwall with her in doors and the two nippers. Based in Looe in the South as had done most of the north the last few years so fancied a...
  5. J


    Maybe one for off topic. But noticed that drinking in the stands at the World Cup is fine. Other leagues it seems fine, Germany I know it’s fair game. In this country you can sit in a stadium watching rugby with a beer but the same seat watching football is a no go. Is it time for a rethink...
  6. J

    Contactless Payment in pubs

    Now prior to the invention of contactless I used to hate people using cards at places like pubs but now it’s as quick if not quicker than cash. There is no change required. Usually though you just pay the required amount. There is no “and your own” 20 pence style tip or adding a bit of change...
  7. J

    England Fans

    Im sure you’ve seen the videos going round. I’m also sure it’s not the majority of fans but seems to be a little bit more than a small minority as well. But what absolute bellends. I don’t mind the jumping in the canal and singing songs to take the piss. But fighting with police, showering...
  8. J

    Chadderton Tram Stop attack Horrific. A very difficult watch. Hope they are able to catch the bastards.
  9. J

    Rethymno, Crete

    Anyone know it reasonably well? Basically, I am there for the Liverpool home leg. I know I know. But will I find anywhere to watch it? I have no idea what type of place it is.
  10. J


    I understand why females want to prune their eyebrows I really do. No one wants a girl with a monobrow. But fuck me. Some of the things they are doing to their brows nowadays are criminal. The worst is one is shaving them off and painting on a line in a different place but there’s so many...
  11. J

    Leasehold house

    Has anyone got a Leasehold house that’s more then peppercorn? Anyone tried to buy their freehold?
  12. J

    Vodafone/sky sports

    When you can choose sky sports as part of your contract is there any way at all you can mirror or send it to your tv?
  13. J

    Adidas trainers

    I know there are quite a few advocates of the classic originals on here and rightly so. But do you think they are taking the piss a bit now with the prices such as Gazelles, Campus, Jeans etc at £80 a pop. Nike trainers are often £100 + but they seems to be more innovation involved in their...
  14. J

    Men's socks

    is there a national shortage?
  15. J

    Ground rent

    Anyone implicated by the ground rent doubling clause on here. Anyone know what to do?
  16. J


    Breaking news of a car ploughing into people at a train station. Edit - not thought to be an "attack"
  17. J

    One Love Concert

    Anyone going? Got 4 standing tickets to go with the kids and the better half. Just realised that u14's can't get on the pitch. Ticketmaster have no seats left. Hoping for an exchange outside the ground unless anyone on here has 4 seats but prefers standing. In trouble if the daughters cant...
  18. J

    Simply Lovleh

    Assume most people are in on this by now. I see t-shirts doing the rounds now as well. Collosal stuff. Highlight of my week.
  19. J

    Do we need a plan B up front?

    As in some height. We play with wingers and you might say Navas Sterling and Sane haven't shown great delivery but they have never really had anyone to aim for anyway. De Bruyne has world class delivery and surely would appreciate someone to hit now and again. That ball he played for Aguero goal...
  20. J

    Parking Eye

    Apologies. This topic has been covered before but I seem to recall a change in the procedure recently in that it's best not to ignore these letters anymore. Anyway, I've got a fine from Parking Eye saying I was in asda car park for 9 hours. Thing is the missus went in shopping at 9am and I...
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