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    We are four or five Sweeds that need travel on the 6th to Wembley. Me and The wife has been in Manchester many times, but its the first time for the others. How do we travel from Manchester city centre to Wembley? We would like to go with other city fans for the atmosphereon the way down and up.
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    Moss Side

    Is it safe to go to Moss Side at night? I wanna go to a local pub and smell the atmosphere, but my wife is wurried about my safety. Sorry för my bad english
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    High resolution crest

    I'm looking for a high resolution City crest, but cant find any on the internet. I'm gonna make a tattoo on my back. Can the fans of the club in my heart help me? The higher resolution, the better Excuse me for my bad english Regards Roger Eriksson Gävle Sweden
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    Picture of Vinnie

    I've been looking for this picture, but up front. i cant find it. Anyone who can help me? It' gona be my next tattoo
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    New tattoo

    Dont know if this is the right forum part. Did this in Thailand yesterday, better late than never
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    50 things we want to see 2011/12 but which will never happen

    This is taken from a Swedish fan site. Translated with Google translate. Big humor 1st Sir Rednose come directly to the press conference after a loss 2nd Giggs found in Sirs wine cellar with Mrs. Rooney 3rd Ronaldo convened press conference and admits that Messi is better than he, and also...
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    Tevez to Inter on loan

    Dunno if this been reported on BM, mods can delete thread if so. According to Swedish media he is off to Inter on loan "I do not know exactly where this juice is on the credibility scale. But in any case. think Carlos Tevez is getting ready for Inter. As we have written...
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    Aly Cissokho

    According to Sky Sports, we have had a meeting with his agent yesterday. Don't know who he is. Can anyone fill in?
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