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    CityApp on a Firestick

    I've watched City on my telly via Amazon Firestick. Every other fuckin' app is working but the City one isn't. It's telling me that I can subscribe for £1.99/mth which I already do. It's telling me that I need to pair the device. What device? The remote (which works with other apps!), the...
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    Margarita Pracatan RIP

    Margarita has gone. Only 89. Beautiful voice!
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    Portugal v England Women

    Anybody still watching this on 70 mins or did the first half piss you all off? 0-0 still. Our Ellie in the England goal has had nowt to do. Oh, England just score with a Portuguese goalie howler!
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    Nobel Physicists

    There's bound to be one lurking on this forum. I have a query! I rode my electric bike to Hebden Bridge yesterday in order to deposit used Tassimo coffee pods at the RSPCA charity shop. After marvelling at the new tarmacadam surface on the way into Todmorden my motor starting cutting out, and...
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    Oldham v Argyle Jan2018

    Anybody got a programme for this match that they would pass on? Payment would be forthcoming!
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    MCWFC v Yeovil

    If anyone thought the Watford game was a walkover, it was trumped by this fixture. Haven't seen a Yeovil side, men, boys, nor women, so another FC chalked off. The second half epitomised the traffic - the young lass in goal touched it twice I think. One was a backpass and the other was a...
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    Sassuola v Milan 26 Feb

    Three pens inside the first twenty two minutes. The first one not given and the forward gets a booking for being fouled. Sergio will no doubt be commiserating! Second one Sassuola miss, and the third one Milan player slips, kicks it with his right foot onto his left. Ref doesn't want to...
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    City v Colchester 12 Feb 1pm ko

    What's the weather doing in Beswick? It's a glorious day here in Littleborough. Any snow? I suspect the game will be on in the beautifully tropical Academy Stadium? We seem to be currently bottom of our group with Colchester top. Should be a good test for our lads!
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    Rubén Cousillasén_Cousillas Rubén should have his own thread, particularly now he has joined the muffineers! 'Kinell, he was a goalkeeper! Is he better than Willie or what?
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    City v Reading

    jeez! We wait half a season for a pen. Get one on 45 and the keeper saves it! Gonna be one of those games!
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    City 0 EFC 1 U21s

    Not an inspiring performance. We had little threat up front until the dying minutes and then we squandered what we created. EFC were a little more unified and we seldom troubled them. Don't know how the goal went in. From Gunn's reaction I don't know whether it was deflected or not...
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    Everton Quadrupled

    Anyone going to the game this morning, Monday night, Wednesday and week Wednesday!
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    City v Soton to

    'Tis a woman ref! I bet me st she's better than the goon we had Saturday! Patrick and kelechi start!
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    Our system has detected. . . . . . . .

    For much of today I've been getting this banner - Our system has detected that an "AdBlocker" is installed in your browser. It is blocking advertisements and possibly other essential functions in our site. Please consider to disable the AdBlocker while you're browsing in our site. You may not...
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    Nissan Goal of the Season

    How dya pick a winner out of those? Not a scuffer among 'em! And just how fast was that Yaya goal v Sunderland travelling?
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    Waterloo: MkII

    In the week when most of Europe celebrates the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, or Mont St. Jean, whichever side of the Channel yer on, France loses to Albania. Yer gotta laugh!
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    City v FC Porto

    What's the lowdown on this game? It's a final, right? Is it two legs? Can't find any info other than what's on the OS. If it's a one-legger how did we get the game at the CFA?
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    As an antidote to the 12 year old I want it now thread. I needed a new 'carry on a plane bag' after the last one's zips buggered (be careful of stuff on Huddersfield Market! I know that Ashton is nearer!). Well, the choice was unbelievably small. It had to be big enough to fit in a City prog...
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    Two year old shoots his Mum

    2yr old shoots his mum in a WalMart in Idaho. You crazy Yanquis!
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    City v Oxford United Youth Cup

    Just saw a mention of this game on the OS that it was on at the CFA, went and booked my ticket for the Open Training Session, and the Youth Cup match has vanished. Am I hallucinating? Could it be the cheese on toast I had for dinner?
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