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    Sorry, Not Sorry...

    SCRAP THE FAMILY STAND. Good idea and good thinking in some parts, it worked for a bit. Now it doesn't. Don't need kids entertainment and the rest, there is enough on citysquare and other activities. I said from day one it would happen. Started well, faded out in no time. Always had it's...
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    Just Enjoy The Rest Of The Season.

    No one really expects us now to win the league, we should finish 2nd but it's not guaranteed. Just like last season after the Arsenal defeat and the 8 point gap appeared, everyone expected it to be over and we just took every game at it came. No one got on each other backs, no criticism, no...
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    Get Pressed We Panic/Can't Cope With The Battling/Top Teams

    EVERY team what pressed us has always won the game or at least got a draw. We panic, we flap, we have players in different postcodes and everyone is all over the fucking place. Our side is not drilled in any single way at all. Whenever we face a team who can compete/match us/press/pass the ball...
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    Dzeko = Hoof Football

    I can't help but think when Dzeko plays we feel like we have to hoof it all the time, we just plonk it forward and nothing ever comes of it and we don't even look like scoring. It's a fact when Dzeko plays we change how we play the game, twatting it forward just hoping Dzeko flicks it on for...
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    Ashley Cole

    Who would have him at City? ME.
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    David Silva At His Best

    Was tonight one of his best performances ever in a city shirt? BY FAR the best player on the pitch, had a dodgy game against Villa in parts. Tonight he was unreal. That's the beauty of the lad, plays Villa and plays average. Turns it on against Madrid just 4 days later. Some have said stupidly...
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    Mancini Learnt Something Tonight

    First of all, not a thread having ago at Mancini or any players... Started with three at the back, against Madrid it's a disaster if we give it away in midfield. First 20 minutes we could have been out the game, luckily they fluffed the chances. One shocking piece of defending and were 1-0...
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    If Joe Hart Got Injured...

    and we had no sub keeper on the bench, realistically who would you stick in goal? This will be interesting...
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    Mancini Football Management Skills

    Could Mancini improve our team ability wise, WITHOUT spending more money? Basically could he do a David Moyes, and mould us into a real footballing side. Also like what the Dortmund manager has done, or does he need funds to improve the team? this will be intriguing... a simple yes or no...
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    Parking for West Brom away

    Doesn't matter if it's a bit of a walk from the ground, for anyone who usually drives where is the best place for parking? thanks.
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    Last Seasons Team>This Seasons Team

    Don't care what anyone says, we've weakened and that's not good. We've no longer got a midfield, we have Natastic who is good in defence and is better than Savic, but should never be playing in games like last night. All season we've been run over time and time again, Arsenal and QPR played...
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    'If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It'

    I made this point after the Arsenal game, also the fact he took off Dzeko and it brought Arsenal back into the game as everyone said. I'm sorry but I'm asking questions of Mancini once again. This 3-5-2 formation he has a massive obsession with. IT IS NOT WORKING. We haven't played well at all...
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    The 2nd Law - Muse

    Heard 'Survival' also the official Olympics 2012 song and i got worried, very much like Queen and not what Muse would produce. However, i was expecting a really bad album. Give a take maybe 2 songs, it's actually very good and i am surprised. Not as good as they once were though unfortunately...
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    Yaya Toure over Dzeko and Balotelli.

    It may sound stupid,. but in Aguero's absence or if it happens again this season to Tevez and so on with a striker injured etc.. I'd prefer to play with one striker, with Yaya advanced. With NDJ/Milner/Rodwell being the 2 holding men. Yesterday i was disappointed with Yaya playing so deep...
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    The Football Season 'Feel'

    I can't say i've got it, imo the season has came round quicker than ever. The Euro's and the Olympics certainly helped proceedings. I'm excited it's back, but i haven't got that football season feel back yet. It's come round too quick. I loved Sunday, and the charity shield at Villa Park but...
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    When The Chelsea Team Is Read Out...

    Villa Park Poznan anyone? Thought it would be good to try and create that real season atmosphere and feel, almost instantly into the first kind of real game of the season. It's got that 'good feel' thing, the players like it. They like to see it, we like to do it. It will almost feel like...
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    The National Health - Maximo Park.

    Any fans of Maximo Park on here? I've liked the old single over the past 4-5 years, but never enough interest to take a real liking to them. Heard 3 songs off the new album just released, and got it on the strength of them and i am not disappointed not one bit. Fantastic album, picked up both...
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    Nasri Squad Number Changed

    He will wear number 8 next season now!
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    Another video from the QPR end, South Stand Level 2.

    Don't know if it has been posted or not, if it has it has. If not then enjoy... Brilliant.
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    Reverend And The Makers - @reverend_makers

    Was a bit sceptical when i heard they were slightly changing the usual sound, but i've been surprised just how good the new album is. The days of 'Heavyweight champion Of The World' and 'Open Your Window' are long gone now. They have gone more electro now, apart from one song on the album...
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