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    Most Overrated Player to Play for City

    In contrast to the underrated player thread. I’ll start with my nomination in recent times.. Nigel De Jong. Everyone loved him when he came in, because we were bang average and like Zabaleta, he threw his body into everything. The main difference between those two being, one improved their...
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    Sergio Agüero - 2018/19 Performances

    200 (201) up for the big man. 2 sharp finishes and found himself in the right place for a hatful of chances. Imagine at least 2 more seasons of fully fit Sergio in this team. 250 minimum by the time he leaves.
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    Goals in all Competitions Prediction Thread

    If I'm correct, the two goals scored yesterday against Cardiff were our 100th and 101st goals of the season in all competitions. How many do you think we will finish on come May? I'm going for 161, eclipsing the 156(?) goals we scored in 2013/14.
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    Mark Clattenburg *Mods feel free to merge, on a fleeting visit so haven't the time to search for his previous thread* This smacks of scripting, and how big is his ego!? Clearly thinks much more highly of himself than anyone else does.
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    Sterling to make Grenfell Tower donation Sterling to make a 'substantial donation' to those affected by the North London Tower Block fire. Good on the lad.
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    PFA Player of the Year Awards
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    Sagna fined 40K for social media post.

    Could he be in trouble? Posted on his instagram a photo of the team with the caption "10 against 12.. still fighting and winning as a team".
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    Apparently been told to leave Madrid if he gets the chance before the window closes. Would still like to see him in a city shirt.
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    2016/17 Manager Sack Race

    Who's going to be the first to be booted out the door of their sorry club? My bet is the Alan Pardew to go first with Palace starting abysmally I think this season
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    SOLD: SSL3 Seasoncard for sale

    Hi, Due to a club system fuck up in the ticket office (quelle suprisé) I have a Seasoncard that I rang and opted not to renew. I can cancel though the refund is an arse of a process going through my bank so thought I see if there is any interest in here for it in the next few days before...
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    Seasoncard for Stoke and Arsenal available

    Due to being a bit short on cash and having other weekend commitments playing football, its like looking like I won't be able to attend the last two home matches of the season. If anyone is interested in buying my card for the last two matches I'll be willing to offer a reasonable price, don't...
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    anybody else suffering or suffered recently? It seems to be spreading like wildfire at the moment around my neck of the woods! Any tips on how to get some food down me neck!?
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    The Manager Merry-go-round (2015/16) Thread

    I've seen Rodgers, Van Gaal and Sherwood touted as the likes to be sacked first, but I think Martinez could go first. At 16-1 I've just put £5 on. In the lower leagues I think Chris Ramsey at QPR will be gone by November, they got off to a poor start today. Anybody else got any bets on this...
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    Europa League Final: Dnipro V Sevilla. LIVE ITV 4

    It's been a good opening 30 minutes. Football on offer hasn't been too shabby and Sevilla have just scored twice in three minutes to lead 2-1. Anybody else watching? Couldn't see any threads discussing the match.
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    All The best, Javi *MODS merge if there's another thread.
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    Scarborough/North East Blues

    Hi, Just wondering if there any match going blues around this neck of the woods, and if there's a local supporters branch around here. Only recently moved to Scarborough and exploring the different options of attending home games, and possibly meeting for away ones or matches not attended...
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    Another Record Broken

    I haven't seen this record posted anywhere, so apologies if it has been brought up. Helps drive home what wonderful football we have watched over this season. From the BBC
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    Broken Laptop Screen

    Didn't know which forum to pop this in so if it belongs in the Technical Queries forum then feel free to move it! Basically I have just dropped my laptop (well netbook) and smashed my screen up so now it is just white. I need some work files off it for this weekend and the HDMI port wont...
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    Night Out in Oldham, Woke Up in Paris

    Not a bad effort from the lad, you must have some weird stories like this with the characters we have down here in the cellar.. I condensed the article a little, was looking long-winded.
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    Hay fever

    Anyone else been suffering like someone's just rubbed the insides of a floral shop up your snouts? Been about 4 days now of constant sneezing, itchy, sore and steaming eyes and headaches? Seems to be ridiculously bad recently
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