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    Awwwwww no no no no no no

    Actor Trevor Peacock from the Vicar Of Dibley has passed away.
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    Cadbury Chocolate

    Friends here in the UK love Cadbury chocolate especially when I get it sent from the UK as altho we can get Cadbury here it is made by Hershey so is not as good ..... Is Cadbury still loved in the UK or is it classed as an average tasting chocolate because of being able to get Belgium and Swiss...
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    Summer Outgoings

    There is a good possibility that Aguero and Dinho could be gone this Summer,and Garcia is gone but does anyone envisage any other notable names leaving the club ? First team squad members who may go in my opinion Angelino 15 to 20m Mendy 20 -25m Sandler 10-15m Patrick Roberts 3-4m Outside...
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    Every Premier League Title Winner Ranked Nice to see an unbiased piece ..... merge if already posted.
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    Diego Rosa Signs For City
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    Soccer Saturday Sackings

    Nicholas, Matt Le Tiss and Big Nose Thompson ....all sacked ....
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    Hi I am not overly religious but I wanted to ask if you could either pray ( if you are ) or just send good vibes if your not as my wife has been rushed into hospital with some blood clots on her lungs and she is poorly .... worst thing is I cannot go to the hospital because of this virus ...
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    Mbappe ankle injury

    Wont be signing for anyone soon....horrendous tackle on him has him leaving stadium on crutches ....ankle twisted under challenge... has to be a fracture if not he is lucky ...... has to be a long lay off. That's Ole looking for an alternative target :)
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    Official Net Spend 2020 Transfer Window

    I do it every year and will use for the figures. Will convert Euros to GBP MONEY IN Leroy Sane 41.5m rising to 52m based on add on's ( Figure added is before add ons ) Felix Correia Swap + 400,000 Thierry Ambrose 1.75m Angelino Loan Fee 1.75m Nicolas Otamendi 14m...
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    "Mr Maximum" Willie Thorne

    Snooker's Willie Thorn has gone into a coma as he fights cancer in Spain ...... best of luck to him, was around when I was glued to the world snooker championships in the late 70s and through the 80s ... loved the game then , lost interest soon after.
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    Movies You're Looking Forward To in 2020

    This one deffo
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    Christmas Presents

    TV is full of commercials showing guys buying Audi's and Mercs for their misses most of us can do that but what is the most expensive present you have ever bought for someone at Christmas ......alas my most expensive is a 200 quid necklace .....cannot afford huge extravagance .....
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    Who Remembers Thread

    Post pictures of things you had in your house/school/work etc you dont really see today ... Here is my first one saver to stop you having to use a cup to wash your hair in the bath
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    What Is Your Go To Fruit and Veggies ?

    Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Peaches, Plums, Strawberries, Pears other ? Or do you hate fruit ? My fave are Bananas What about Veggies ......Carrot and Swede for me
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    Bands Without Original Members

    Mate just seen Queen with Adam Lambert singing, I seen Queen with Freddie and I was asked to go, just could not do it as it is a crime IMO to see Queen without him ....I dont mind seeing some bands without originals but there are certain bands you cannot see without the original singers etc, IMO...
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    Summer Holidays

    Where did you normally go as a kid ? We had a caravan in Porthmadog then moved it to Amroth near Tenby .... we also went to St Ives, Llandudno and the usual week in Blackpool .....only went abroad twice from the age of 3 to 18 Bulgaria on the Black Sea and Corfu Best for me was Black Rock...
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    American Sports Teams

    Who are your American sports teams if you support any ... I have been a Browns fan since the mid 80s and they are my 3rd fave team after City and Lancashire cricket club in all of sports also like Tampa Bay Rays baseball , Orlando Magic in basketball.... and Montreal in Hockey..... Wont bother...
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    Primary And High School

    What primary and high school did you attend and what years ? Woodhouse Park Junior and Primary 1970 to 1976 Sharston later South Manchester High 1976 to 1982
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    Fave Years For Music

    Mine 78 and 79, this was my playlist last night ....I was 13/14 at the time so I just remember blasting these songs during the Summer holidays and I revisited them last night with some beers to reminisce ... happy times LINDISFARNE ... RUN FOR HOME MANFRED MAN ... DAVYS ON THE ROAD AGAIN JUSTIN...
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    Going Back In Time

    If you could go back in time like Clair did in Outlander to which period would you go back to ? ..... not City/football related. Would you go back to stop a major incident happening like 9/11 or the Titanic, go hang out for an ale with Henry VIII or give Cleopatra one ? :)
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