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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    Absolutely perfect. Foden. He's one of our own. Drink it in, Blues. Drink it in.
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    The Last Descent

    Found an article on Lad Bible earlier about some chap who died in a cave after getting stuck. A bit of research and there's a film about it on Amazon. Just watched it. If you have claustrophobia, stay well clear. Horrific way to go.
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    The resurgence

    .....reminds me of our Centurion season. I won't expand. It just feels like it. The urgency. Resilience. It just feels like we are about to go and bring down the whole fucking thing!!
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    That (those) monolith (s)

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    Donut Thief Copper Just broke that he's been fired from his job. Poor Constable De Gea.
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    The Many Saints Of Newark

    In post-production. Really looking forward to this. Decent looking cast, too. Kind of brilliant they've got the late, great James Gandolfini's son to play a young Tony. Jon Berthnal as Tony's dad. Vera Farmiga as the comedy show that was Livia. Out next year.
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