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    we are going to need a bigger stadium!

    Wait until we constantly sell out midweek cup games, then start talking about expansion.
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    You lot on twitter...

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    Are you an alchoholic?

    I take it you went to Rochdale then? I hated filling then forms out for every patient
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    Final Tickets thread MERGED

    Need 2 tickets I know its a long shot pm me thanks
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    Horse Racing today

    Get the racing post app if you have an iPhone it's quality
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    Does Silva lose the ball?

    I think it was de Jong but not certain
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    Domino's two for tuesday..

    Working for the NHS means I get buy one get one free everyday :) Spanish sizzler is unreal
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    Schalke 0-2 Man City

    Missing the start due to being stuck on the autobahn
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    2 seats available

    Both gone now cheers
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    2 seats available

    If you pm me your numbers I'll get the organiser to get in touch with you
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    2 seats available

    Going from failsworth 8 seater mercedes executive will be £37 per person if can get full. PM me Working until 13:30 so will get back to you then
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    14:20 Musselburgh

    Horse running called art dzeko currently 7/1 with ladbrokes might be worth a few quid
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    No mate filled 2 coaches
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    coach £21 with HCR blues in heyside
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    Got your ticket for wembley? Where you sat?

    Block 125/ row 8/ seat 65&66
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    There is some bloke already queuing up

    Number 88, think they've set it up well even though the catering open and aren't selling fosters
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    There is some bloke already queuing up

    Can't sleep debating whether to go down now or not
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    Going London few days in April oh and a week in Vegas in September for 21st with the lads
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