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    King Kompany

    I have a man-crush. Again, and still. :) How good and important is Kompany for us? Priceless, one of our best signings in recent years. Yes, this needed another thread. :p
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    WOAH I did the impossible in FIFA 11! Got the video here!

    I'm not lying here - I scored a goal with De Jong!! ;) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    My new home shirt was despatched today!

    Looks like the club has taken into account the extra shipping time for us foreigners. Wasn't sure they would, but once again they've come through. It will probably take a few days but with luck i'll have it this week. Maybe even thursday, but I doubt that. Anyone else had theirs despatched...
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    Hans Backe on Thaksin and City

    Our old assistant manager Hasse Backe is as you might know in the MLS at the moment coaching the NY Red Bulls, who we'll play two months from now. One of my favorites in Swedish football, he seems like the most genuine guy, always a great pundit and always speaks his mind. So one of our Swedish...
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    Reserves derby tonight

    Couldn't find a thread about it so sorry if posted already. For some reason a sports tv-chan over here is broadcasting MUTV (along with Chelsea and Barca sometimes), so they're showing the reserves derby tonight. Don't know if I'll be able to stand the mutv commentary but it's a rare chance for...
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    Great ball from Elano to Jo who...

    ...misses as sitter! Watching Galatasaray...just like watching City at times. :) Except Galatasaray is top of the league in Turkey atm.
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    Arsenal or Liverpool?

    Can't decide who I'd want to win this. Happy one of them will drop points at least. Can't help but think that if Arsenal win by a margin we'll go 4th tomorrow though with that game in hand (unless Spuds win), so that really has to be the best option. If Liverpool win on the other hand we'll have...
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    Elbow+bottle in the head?

    It was a coin or a bottle cap. Even those can be fucking dangerous but they clearly threw glass bottles at him aswell which can be fucking lethal. Name and shame him and fine the club!
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    I don't know what to believe now - Togo playing afterall?

    Check out the date, just a couple of hours old really. Togo in dramatic African Nations Cup u-turn NICK REEVES January 10, 2010 - 1:29PM Togo performed a dramatic U-turn on their decision to quit the African Nations Cup, electing instead to stay in Angola and compete, a player said hours...
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    Rebels vow to destroy Africa Cup of Nations

    Brilliant. . . Separatist gunmen who killed at least three people in an attack on Togo’s football team at the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola issued a chilling threat of further violence yesterday, in effect warning that...
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    John Guidetti speaks about the bus attack

    Swedish press did an interview with him surrounding this whole thing, he seems really level-headed for such a young guy. I'll have a go at translating parts of the article. Swedish teammate shocked over bus attack Manchester City-star Emmanuel Adebayor is unhurt after the attack. But...
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    Cadiz 0 - 14 Schalke

    Woah. Imagine seeing a loss like that, at home! Just a friendly though but Cadiz is still a segunda team, professional footballers. I wonder what the hell their coach said at halftime when they were (only) 4-0 down...."let's go for the record!" ?
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    "Don't believe the hype about Mancini's feats" What utter bollocks! This guy has no idea what he's talking about. First he writes that Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina were relegated to Serie B and Juve to Serie C1 (their original...
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    Fabian Assmann Apparently players are comfortable when he's behind them. Worth a bid? :)
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    Give us Swedes a wave saturday!

    40 years ago a deal was struck bringing one live English first division game a week to Swedish TV. It was a huge success and our obsession with English footy was born. Since then the PL has of course moved to expensive comercial networks, but to celebrate the 40th anniversary SVT1 (equivalent...
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    What's your City team/formation on FIFA 10

    Nerd thread, I'll create a really cool one soon enough, don't worry. :) I mainly use the 4-1-2-1-2, usually alright and pretty fun to use. Still I pretty much lose more games than I win...maybe I'm doing something wrong or more likely I'm just crap. I do try new players or change around...
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    Why didn't anyone tell me? 80's retro SAAB shirts availible in the shop! how long have those been there?? This made my day, I HAVE to get one! :)
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    Changing usernames?

    I heard a rumour that admins/mods can change people's usernames (actually it was in another thread on this board). Anyway, GoForGlory was meant ironically, but it really doesn't work anyway, I wasn't thinking and it's really time for a change. :) I need to think of a new one though, but thanks...
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    Mark Hughes

    You could tell he's as upset as we are about the way the game ended. His post-match interview on SSN was spot on, as usual this season. He's defo one of us, isn't he? I do think he should have made a change when they were pushing on for 3-2, but still I love the man! :) Edit: Sorry about...
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    Swedish TV halftime talk

    Promising "The Truth about Thaksin Shinawatra" after the break. Don't know what that means but Hans Backe is there as a pundit. I'll keep you posted. :)
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