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    United away tickets

    Most city supporters are vetted by a points system so you have to have the rellivent number of points to get a ticket so you go away as well as home and for you as a support you are rewarded now the club kick the best supporter in the ball by changing points for away games and giving anyone a...
  2. J

    Watford home tickets

    2 adult tickets in South stand level 1. £35 each
  3. J

    Blackpool supporters club contact

    I want to joint Blackpool branch but got wrong phone number for Frank Kennedy can anyone help Jim
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    Spurs away champions league travel

    Is anyone travelling to spurs on 9th April i would like a lift anywhere on m6 between Preston and knutsford services and return after game
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    Newcastle home

    I have 1 adult spare in south stand level 1 block 117
  6. J

    Bristol home ticket

    I've got 1 spare adult and 1 junior in south stand level 1 £15 the pair or adult £10 seperate mèet at ground tonight Jim
  7. J

    Southampton (H)

    Got a spare ticket for southampton home match in south stand, level 1 £30 if anyone fancys it. Jim
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    WHU home tickets

    1 adult & 1 junior together spare in south stand level 1. £50 the pair. pm me anyone want them. Tickets now sold Jim
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    Napoli (H) tickets

    I have 1 ticket in south stand level 1 £25 spare. Sold
  10. J

    asda car park fine

    Just got fine from Liverpool game on asda car park anyone know max stay on match day
  11. J

    swamp tickets sale

    When are tickets going on sale for the swamp
  12. J

    west ham tickets spare

    I have 2 tickets together in south stand level 1 block 117 £35 each or £65 the pair Ticket now sold
  13. J

    Warrington fans rlfc blues going to wembley

    Any blues who are warrington fans going to wembley after lift can pick up on route to london need 4 minimum or will go in someone else's car I live in Blackpool can meet anywhere
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    Paris away with Didsbury branch

    Didsbury branch trip is confirmed to Paris any one going alone there's a £40 single supplement so if anyone going wants to share I'm willing to shares to save money Jim
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    villa home tickets

    2 tickets for villa at home available in south stand level 1 £35 each meet at ground
  16. J

    palace home ticket

    Got 1 spare ticket for Palace home £35 in south stand
  17. J

    Everton home league match

    1 adult and 1 junior in south stand £35 the pair pm if anyone wants to go
  18. J

    Coach to Germany wanted

    Any coaches from Manchester to champ league match in monchangladbach got ticket now need transport pm me if anyone knows any
  19. J

    Chelsea home tickets

    Chelsea home match available for south stand level 1 adult & junior £65 for both or £45 for just adult
  20. J

    barnsley & Celtic travel from blackpool

    Anyone going to Barnsley or Celtic from fylde coast contact james cleary look forward to hear from blues
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