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    Aguero to leave this summer

    Gutted!!! Let’s just hope city have a sensational replacement lined up.
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    Injury Updates | Only Agüero is out

    Hi were is the link for the above info ? Cheers
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    John Stones - 2020/21 Performances

    So pleased to see him back to his best. Took some stick on the chin and now back to his best. Well played to the lad
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    Injury Updates | Only Agüero is out

    What is his injury at the moment??
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    Rúben Dias - 2020/21 Performances

    Can’t remember a player having such an impact as quick as he has
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    Colin Bell RIP - Ian Cheeseman interview with Jon Bell (P142)

    One of the reasons as a young boy I became a city fan. RIP blue
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    West Brom (h) post-match thread

    Fucking shocking again!! 14 useless corners then wait till last minute to start putting descent balls into the box.
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    What a shocker of a derby by far the worse I’ve seen in 55 years. No attempt to win the game and why does golden need to do to start a game???
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    Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Apart from the most important one !!! Goals scored!!’nn
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    Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread

    We won’t have to worry about champions league next season because at this rate we won’t make top 4
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    West Ham (A) Post Match Thread

    Same old predictable city We have been completely found out got 10 men behind The ball and defend like mad. We have a Corner in the last seconds of the game and what do we do go short,, no plane B or c
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    Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread

    Fucking shocking !! Before they even scored we were so open at the back. Total piss poor performance maybe just maybe it’s time for a change .
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    Jules Koundé

    Not you the one you Were referring to which didn’t copy and paste
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    How do you assess our transfer business?

    Piss poor to be honest. I honestly think we a weaker than last season by far
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    Jules Koundé

    A panic reaction
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    Season tickets

    Wasn’t there one shown live on Saturday at 3. ??
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    Season tickets

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    Is our cycle of dominance coming to an end?

    If this transfer window is to go by then it’s a big YES!!!
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    Phil Foden to leave England camp

    Disappointed and extremely surprised. To live your dream and fuck it up in such a small space of time..
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    Pep signs new deal until 2023!

    Thanks for the amazing memories but time to move on for me.. Saturday game sumed it up for me.
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