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    Insurance advice

    My insurance company rang today to tell me someone has made a claim against me from last month, something I can only describe as fraudulent. The situation was that there was gridlocked traffic, and her car had broken down at the lights, cars were going around my car and there was no way I could...
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    Things to do in Barcelona

    Travelling out to there this afternoon to watch Wales play against Andorra. Game is being played in Andorra but we are staying in Barca for 4 nights. Any blues got any suggestions on what we can do? Four of us in our 20s going.
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    Labour led Welsh Govt seek to ban E-Cigs in public places

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Unbelievable. Is there anything wrong with it. There argument is that it makes smoking look "trendy". BAN EVERYTHING. Anyone...
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    Shorts in the winter

    As someone who wears shorts all year round, whatever the weather I was wondering if their are others out there like me? I only wear trousers when i'm out on the piss and at work, the rest of the time my legs are open to the weather. I get plenty of comments and funny looks during the winter...
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    Ryan Giggs booed

    A lot of talk down here tonight by rags and the Welsh media of the fact Giggs was booed when he came on by his countrymen, the word disrespect keeps cropping up. Listened to the game on 5Live and it was pathetic the way they were making out all welsh men were going to give him a rousing welcome...
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    United fan marries into City family

    Very funny - Apologies if this has been posted already, I had a look and couldn't find anything.
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    Any doormen here? SIA license holders?

    Basically my current job finishes at the start of January and don't go back to Uni until Spetember, so bar a few essays I have little to do and i'l need a job for those 8 months. Is it worth getting an SIA license? Is work easy to come by once you have it? I have the money but unsure whether...
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    Time for a rugby song

    I used to work in Chicago In the old department store I used to work in Chicago I don't work there any more A woman came in for a kit kat A kit kat from the store A kit kat she wanted, four fingers she got I don't work there any more ....
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    9/11 - Where were you?

    I was walking from school, some mad woman friends with my mum who lives down the road was telling me to go home as bombs had been dropped on New York and planes crashing into buildings. I thought nothing of it and went home, the TV was on and the severity of it hit me. I was quite young at the...
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    5:2 diet

    Anyone doing it? Thinking of giving it a bash. How much have you lost doing it? What do you eat on your fast days? How do cope with hunger pangs?
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    Jury service

    Missus has just been called up for it. Anyone here done it and what were your experiences? Would love to do it one day, sound interesting!
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    Premiership team of the year with a twist

    What would be your team of the year using only one player from each team? IE Only one of Javi Garcia or Scott Sinclair. Mine: Mingolet Zabba A. Williams Bassong Baines...
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