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    Electrical help needed!!(what type of risistor) Hi guys My controller on my coffee machine has stopped working,I opened the PID case and noticed it’s blown one of the risistors,anyone know what type of risistor this is,so I can buy a replacement. Cheers
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    Anyone recommend me 4K tv?

    Can anyone who’s tech-savy recommend a decent 4K tv for upto or around £1000 must be a 65” or maybe could get away with 55”,it’ll mostly be used for gaming..our 10year old 65” LG just packed in...gutted....any recommendations?
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    Need a name for my catering trailer.

    Can any of you guys come up with a name for my catering trailer?LOL i sell burgers hotdogs steaks pulled-pork etc,so its mostly fast food,my minds gone blank lol,all feedback appreciated.
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    Breaking Bad

    has anyone else seen this..its by far the best TV series ever..I got hooked and watched season 1-4 in a about a week lol...season 5 is out in the summer..ITS A MUST if you not already seen it.
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    YelaWolf (hiphop fans only)

    i started listening to his music a couple of weeks ago and now i can't stop..this guy is doubt a superstar in the making,and now he's been signed up by shady-records check him out...
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    TAKE THAT tickets

    anyone got any spares??
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    Albert Square

    received this text msg off a mate today...... message for city fans-Albert square 7pm if we win,if you are coming back from london go straight there and bring some cans.mass poznan planned for midnight in albert square-pls pass onto all blues.
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    True or false?

    ok,this is how it works,the first poster makes a statement,the next poster then has to answer truthfully(lol),then makes a statement himself that the next poster has to answer "true"or "false" i hope this works.ha " the next posters favorite colour is blue? "
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    the house on the corner that blasts the reggae??

    when were walking up from piccadilly to eastlands theres a house on the corner and they blast the reggae music out down the street,anybody else seen this?gives us a giggle every time we walk by lol
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