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  1. J

    Arsenal(A) - Post Match Thread

    Didn’t see the game. Reading through the comments here there comes through a down to earth assessment , great result but still more to do From watching highlights,main image that lasts is of Sterling’s goal. Maybe he deserves a bit more credit for performance. Regarding the overall squad, some...
  2. J

    N'Golo Kante

    I may be dreaming this but when Gomes came on at end of Sunday’s game one of the commentators described him as mixture of Kante and Makalele.
  3. J

    Charity Shield - Post Match Thread

    Listened to game (BBC) and am now struggling to contain my optimism. So leave it for a game or two. Commentators bigged up Gomes when he came on but then could only describe his sparkly boots. Diamonds on the soles of his shoes maybe.
  4. J

    Philippe Sandler

    This guy reminds me a bit of Frenkie de Jong and I do hope he gets a decent shot at it.
  5. J

    Philippe Sandler

    Maybe missing out on Jorginho wasn’t so bad after all ?
  6. J

    Who Will Pose A Threat Next Season

    The actual biggest threat is complacency, and there’s a lot of it around
  7. J

    Who do you dislike more United or Liverpool?

    Football, the beautiful game fed by hate.
  8. J

    City vs Dortmund (Friendly) Post Match Thread

    Hope alls well with Pep. Seemed a bit under the weather again.
  9. J

    Pablo Maffeo

    No, I think we’ve established that nobody can be forced to agree to a buy back deal. But for example he might come back thinking he we would get lots of first team football ,only to be disappointed.Then we could cash in if he agrees to a subsequent transfer. The important point here is that we...
  10. J

    Pablo Maffeo

    FI and SWP say that we wouldn’t try to activate a buy back for a player who wanted to stay where he was. Pleased to hear it though it could mean losing out on a substantial profit if the players market value had risen above the buy back price.
  11. J

    Pre-Season US Tour

    Has anybody seen a video of Pep being interviewed about the US tour, or any recent interview? I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms.
  12. J

    Pablo Maffeo

    What happens if we want to activate a buy back clause but the player, for whatever reason, wants to stay where he is??
  13. J

    Frenkie de Jong(Signed for Barcelona)

    Seem to remember that Frenkie once said he liked the idea of playing with KDB. Maybe one advantage we have over Barca is that he is likely to get more game time with us. Let’s go for it with a strong offer. You never know.
  14. J


    If at all possible, like us to buy Frenkie De Jong to strengthen our team now and for the next ten years.
  15. J

    Welcome Riyad Mahrez

    Another gifted leftie to join the show, brillianto.lmagine how crap we would all feel if this one had fallen through.
  16. J

    Kieran Trippier

    Thanks PC
  17. J

    Kieran Trippier

    I am in no way criticising City for selling KT. As far as I can tell we sold him to Burnley and am curious as to why the fee was undisclosed, as Wiki describes it. Has anybody got a feel for this?
  18. J

    Kieran Trippier

    I understand that KT was once a part of our youth system, and we sold him to Burnley for an undisclosed fee. Does anyone have any insight into the circumstances when the transfer fee is undisclosed?
  19. J

    Kevin De Bruyne - 2017/18 performances

    I hope you’re right, at times in the second half Kevin looked very tired to me.
  20. J

    Kevin De Bruyne - 2017/18 performances

    Kevin is a wonderful player, maybe so good that managers are reluctant to take him off even when he’s knackered. I hope Pep can find a way to keep his batteries charged.
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