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    City fans copied by others?

    All clubs have history, not all clubs have the same success. Thats a big difference
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    Trying to get some distance from VAR

    How many VAR subjects!
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    City to give Liverpool guard of honour

    Sooner this game is out of the way, the better
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Im sure it was Red, White and Blue for Armed Forces day. I may be mistaken, but doubt i am :)
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    I feel for the snakes. God knows what they may catch
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    Arsenal (h) - Wed 11 March

    Game now rearranged. Cant make 17th June. I have one spare :)
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    That Hamburg night in Manchester

    Forgot you drove back. Flying back was bad enough! - Great memories
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    RIP Eddie Large

    Early 80s for me
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    That Hamburg night in Manchester

    The trip to Hamburg wasnt bad either @squirtyflower
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    United thread 2019/20

    He is. He has taken over Lou Macaris chippy!
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    Ever been ripped off?

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    Ever been ripped off?

    Still remember it clear as day. Piss stop at Sandbach services enroute to watch City play QPR away in the league cup. To be fully Italian sounding he drove a Fiat Punto also. TBF his sales pitch was brilliant
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Ive just decided x2 weeks from work. Bit of a runny nose! Shit house twats!
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    Bowie at Maine Road

    This was mentioned at his daughters wedding speech!
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    Ever been ripped off?

    @amrikgill. One of the first on here to be done over by him. Ticket for Arsenal away. I could have qualified for a ticket on my own points but at the time work got in the way. Tickets sold out but i could now make it. I did the cardinal sin of saying "One ticket needed for Arsenal" i then...
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    Down side. I went out yesterday for my over 70s mum who has my seriously ill brother with her. Do i come under that bracket to go early shopping?
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    Popped to the local supermarket today. 0805, it had been open for 5 mins yet rammed. Why so early? I wanted to get it out of the way then do some work. Did a shop yesterday for my mum, couldn't do ours as well as rumor has it men cant multi task. Fresh veg and fruit shop all done with no hassle...
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    Noticed a rather large women today looking for pasta, like it is now the current food to eat. Looking at the size of her she had previously had a 20 year diet of pie n chips!
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    Ever been ripped off?

    Sounds very similar to the M6 salesman. Who would go up n down the M6 and stop at the service stations. Call you over and claim he had some left overs from an Armani conference however had to get rid of samples due to bag allowance
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