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    The Super League | City - A Founding Club

    But I've ordered my Oldham shirt now
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    Champions League Games 13/14 April

    Herrera horrid ****
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    Champions League Games 13/14 April

    Keown really doesn't like Sane does he. Fear PSG on the break against our ball domination.
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    Hash browns

    No sausages or gravy?
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Pre-Match Thread

    1-3 city today is done, move on
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    Erling Haaland

    I've got a flat above Greggs in Edgeley u can have it half rent pal
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    Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Just close this. While your at it the Ings one and Adama Traore if that's still floating about.
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    If Pep doesn't want why did he go to see him in the summer when it looked likely?
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    Squad Numbers

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    Aguero to leave this summer

    Gutted when vinny zab David left but was ok with it. This feels different
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    The Boxing thread

    I prefer TV because the 1 time I went to a fight I blinked and missed the KO
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    Champions League Games 16/17 March

    Walton going on about clear and obvious they throw that in when it suits. How many decisions are so tight its nothing to do with clear and obvious. Should be a pen and 10 men
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    Book suggestions

    Not read a book in a long time. Just finished I Am Pilgrim got it because of comments on here. Thank you
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    Fulham (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Wheres sterling?
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    Champions League Games 9/10 March

    So barca pen should have been retaken even though they reviewed it. Every decision wrong in this game
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    Champions League Games 9/10 March

    Soft penalty again in barca game
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    Champions League Games 9/10 March

    Entertaining but the amount of cheating, feigning injury etc was awful.
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    Champions League Games 9/10 March

    Juve hounding the ref hate it
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    Hear hear. He would be unreal not just an amazing dribbler and goalscorer but prob the most clinical, precise passer of a ball....with our movement.
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    Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    1h 15 for champs league games no idea why
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