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    Shoe Shine Andy (Rochdale)

    Read a post about this man yesterday and thought I'd put a post up here cos i believe in my opinion, what is happening to this man is wrong. I'm led to believe that Andy is a homeless man that has decided to try and better his life by doing free shoe shine on the streets of Rochdale. For those...
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    Another major offensive on the horizon?

    Just reading a speech online by Admiral Phillip Jones and i cant help but be drawn back to part of his speech which says "But to meet the breadth and depth of the security challenges we face today, and to have a sense of being able to deal with them going forward, we’re going to need a Navy...
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    French Cup Final (David vs Goliath)

    Les Herbiers. You know, that famous french team. Nope me neither, but against all odds the team from Ligue 3 and battling relegation have upset the odds and will play PSG in the final. Love an underdog story and will tune in for this final. Can anyone see the little town from outside Nantes...
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    Joseph's Goal - Man City Legends

    Have you never seen Kinkladze? Always wanted too but missed the boat? Cursed when he moved to Ajax? Or do you remember Kiki Musampa, Paul Bosvelt, Jon Macken (Scored the winning goal in City's 2nd geatest ever comeback). Maybe you're not old enough to remember players such as Mike Sheron, Leon...
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    5 Games Left, Which Players...

    Should see some minutes in those last 5 matches of the season? Who would you like to see? Foden - Quite sure Phil would have seen more minutes from the bench had he not suffered injury after making his debut. Great appetite to improve his game. Some nice cameo's this season and hopefully will...
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    Investing your money

    After reading the Bitcoin thread and for those wanting to invest money, where or what is going to be the next big thing? I've seen recently quite a few write ups on medical marijuana and that this will become a huge industry. Also if someone was wanting to invest, where would they go about...
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    Melbourne Flinders St Incident

    12 people ploughed down by a SUV. Reports being released every minute. Waiting to find out what has happened. 1 male arrested. Was 4 blocks from the incident.
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    Paradise Papers Leak

    The leak reveals secrets of elites hidden wealth. Canadian PM Trudeu's cheif fundraiser involved in movement of millions. £500Bn in world tax avoidance last year alone. More to come from 13.4m documents
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    George Bush Sr accused of 'Sexual Assault'

    I see George Bush Sr is the latest dirty old bastard and believes apologising is enough. ****!
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    Pauline Hanson

    Just incase you missed this last week, the racist that is Australia's own Pauline Hanson decided to join parliment dressed in a burqa. This women is vermin and i dont believe her stunt should go without...
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    EBC-46 A cure for some cancers?

    Not sure if many are aware but in 2013 in a North Queensland rainforest a snall red berry was found that contained enzymes that might help cure some cancers. The tumours that it has killed and made disappear are; Skin cancers, such as squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), basal cell carcinomas (BCC)...
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    Yemen War

    They call it a war but its basically Saudi's dropping bombs daily supplied by our government and the US. Meet Jamila Ali Abdu. A 7 year old human that had her whole life in front of her. Instead she lost her life due to the greed of money. The following video shows distressing images. What...
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    Random Acts Of Kindness

    The past couple of weeks have seen some rather serious topics on the off topic board, and fear be spread through our home. For those who want to change their day, week or life why not give this a shot. Make someones day! It can be helping a lady over the road to buying a homeless man a chip...
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    Slowly being Muted - Economic Terrorism

    A new law is being deliberated on in the States that would allow a protester to be charged under the terrorism act. After the intrusion into our online activities a month or so ago, surely we as a race should be worried that with...
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    Entrepreneurs and App Idea's

    Morning board. Just wondering if there are any of the above on this board. I've had a couple of app ideas in the past, microchip locating lost items, and an Uber style delivery service targeting courier delivery service. The problem I have is that a) I don't have a clue about technology, and b)...
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    Players Past Their Best

    After the release of Martin Demichelis, and thinking the player he could've been for the club had we got him 5 years earlier. In recent years, we have also had Ali Bernarbia that was past his prime and i would've gave anything to see him in that Keegan side 5 years younger. George Weah is...
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    Corrupt Officiating Within the English game

    Over the last week, and this season in particular, I dont think i have witnessed so many blatant attempts by match officials to screw a team, or attempt to have an influence on the game. I think most of us can accept that sometimes, in the moment it is easy to get the odd decision wrong but...
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    Another War Crime - MSF Hospital bombed Yemen

    Not seen anything on TV about this and after the attack on another hospital in Afghanistan by the Americans, we have a repeat of a similar incident in Yemen.
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    All Time Premiership XI

    Who would you choose? Any balanced formation and any player that has played from the start of the Premiership. ------------Schmeichel----------- Dixon---Stam-----Adams---Cole --------Keane-----Vieira---------- Ronaldo-----------------------Bale ------------Bergkamp--------------...
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    For the Yobs in 111

    Throwing objects at away fans is a cowards way of trying to start something, it results in innocent people being hit in retaliation. You're the fucking scum of this club and I hope those who offend are caught and jailed. Fucking cowardly scumbugs. I'd also like to add the police trying to...
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