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    Semi Final Tunes

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    Took dog on the park this morning and spotted some rubbish that needed binning. Picked it up thinking its an empty bag (placcy sports shop with cord strap) but had some weight. Inside i found 3 opened parcel bags and one still sealed shut. I opened it as i was about to bin it and a load of white...
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    The Great Pottery Throwdown

    Pisses all over The Repair Shop. I've developed a soft spot for the winner as well. Cracking Welsh accent, lovely hair, great attitude and a nurse to boot.
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    Fred Perry

    Some new colours out now but a bit steep at £85
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    Match Finder

    I'm usually amazed by the way some members remember all the games and the details, sometimes from decades ago. I'm firmly in the ' sort of remember but not sure of the details' camp which, when talking on here, is very frustrating. I think a thread were others like me can post their hazy...
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    Trump Tunes

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    Monday Club

    A rare free day and fucked off so i've hit the bottle. Anyone else drowning their sorrows?
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    Derby Tunes

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    New wire.

    I know several posters have bags of wires, leads and cables in their collection. I added this handy little beauty to mine this week. after pissing about for 12 months with chromebooks dropping their wifi connection at home i had a brainwave and got the ethernet to usb adapter. PLugged it in...
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    City fan on pointless now.

    Anyone off here?
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    Woman Ref

    just turned San marino v Gibraltar on and noticed the ref was a woman. in fact it looks like all officials are. never seen that before.
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    Best betting app for footy

    What do you use for online betting? Decided against my better judgement to sign up for one now the bookies are shut.
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    My little grandson is going for this op tomorrow. He's being knocked out for it and will be there all day and possibly late into the night. He also has a genetic heart problem so i'm really worried about the kid. I would take him myself but only allowed his Mum and no visitors. Anyway, back on...
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    Your Lockdown Solutions

    2 month total nationwide lockdown. All working adults get £300 p/w. Freeze on rent/mortgages.
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    It's Happened again.

    Last night i found another person dead at home. This time she was a family member and me and son in law discovered her after breaking into the house. No suspicious circumstances and a very peacefull scene where the lady just looked asleep.
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    Becoming a Carer for your partner.

    Do any Bluemooners care for their partner full time and have it as their 'job'.
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    XONER8 playlist.

    fire at will..
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    Blocked ? MOD help please

    Have i been locked out of the twat yaxley thread? Says i dont have permission to post in it? scrasp that. seems whole thread's gone.
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    Is This a record?

    Farthest the ball travels before going in from a pen?
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    Does this still make you.....?

    ...jump around like a loon?
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