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    Enzo Maresca

    Anyone got views on how useful he is to the development of the EDS players. I don't watch the team other than highlights on the web site but it looks like they have come on this year. A friend who is a keen Celtic fan says there are strong rumours linking him to Celtic this summer.
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    Players who underperformed at City but were great elsewhere

    Seeing the George Weah thread we've had a fair few of them down the years, some gave CIty a bit of decent service but many had far better days elsewhere. So your team that underperformed at City but were quality elsewhere. Seaman Maicon Boateng Kolo Toure Pearce Hargreaves McManaman Viera...
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    Signing of the decade.

    Seeing as everything is .......of the decade. Who is your best and worst signing of the decade. I'm going Silva and Bony.
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    Was this season peak City?

    Firstly this is not a woeful declaration that everything is downhill or that we will be poor next season, just thinking out aloud as to whether we will go up further, down a bit or remain the same next season. Things which point towards next season being tougher than this: Statistically when...
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    PA system

    When did they change it? First time I've been able to hear what's being said where I sit.
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    Podcasts best and best app.

    I have Acast for my android and don't find it particularly good , are there any better apps out there . I have a Motorola G4 because I'm a skinflint. not a Samsung or an apple. In addition are there any strongly recommended podcasts. Football wise I listen to Bluemoon, 93:20 and occasionally...
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    Craft beer at the Etihad

    Has anyone tried it? I much prefer decent beer to the rubbish on tap and like a pint before the game. Can't have more than one or anything later as I drive. Are the beers OK and which are the better ones?
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    Stokes and Cipriani

    Good job they didn't do anything despicable like buy their mum a house or have breakfast in the morning.
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    Ilkay supports Erdogan / Booed by German fans (P5) Mods feel free to move if there is a more appropriate thread. Must admit I have no argument with Ilkay feeling some loyalty to the country of his forefathers, but Erdogan is not a politician who I admire and whose human rights record appears to...
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    I am getting the message that I have an adblocker installed in my browser.. I have recently got a new computer and have not had this before, happy to view adds to pay for the site, but don't know how to disable it for this site. I am using Firefox on Ubuntu.
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    Uncapped players

    Looks like we are about to make an uncapped player our most expensive signing. I am not suggesting he will stay that way or be a poor signing but how many good premier league players are there or were there who are uncapped ? From my memory; Cudicini Arteta and DIstin in the past were all...
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    Redcafe thread on Xavi Hernandez interview

    Mods feel free to move this if not appropriate. I don't know how to find the original interview but just noticed this transcript of an interview with Xavi posted by of their better posters. The interview is a fascinating (to me anyway) Insight into some of Peps ideas as explained by one of his...
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    Can't see an appropriate thread but if there s one feel free to move. Was quite interested in this article on the Beeb looking at a players influence on the game David Silva unsurprisingly to most here comes out very well.
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    Restaurants Manchester

    We will be having a meal out for my daughter's 21st who will be at Manchester Uni this year. Any ideas for a restaurant where we could book a room or around 15-20 people for reasonable eats.
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    Squad Rotation

    With the suggestion on recent transfers in the podcasts that we are trying to get two players for every position. TheTimes has an article today that some soon to be published research suggest that professional footballers should be rested for six days between matches.
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    Manchester Transport App

    Daughter is off to Uni in Manchester and wanting to know the best apps for transport around Manchester. Any recommendations welcome Cheers.
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    Champions League and English football teams.

    There is an interesting analysis in todays Financial Times that I can't link to because it is behind a pay wall. However it compares English clubs in Europe with the big 5 continental clubs and suggests that a big reason for English clubs lack of success is the increased competitiveness of the...
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    Is the ticket site down?

    I am trying to pass my tickets on to the ticket exchange as I cannot get to the match but don't seem to be able to log into the ticket exchange is the site down?
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    MOTM do we get a thread?

    Do we get one for this match as a matter of interest?
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    Anyone know how to use their season ticket for getting reductions on Etihad, do you have to sign up separately?
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