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    Can't find the old Kodi thread, must be way down the pages. So is IPTV legal then?
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    Scariest away day following City

    Just name one, as I'm sure some on here have encountered no end throughout the years. I know this thread has been done before but it's just something to chat about through this boredom. I was too young to have seen City in the 70's and worst part of the 80's, but my worst was at Leeds 88-89...
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    New Series of the Apprentice

    Anybody bother watching this nowadays?. It's become such a set up programme , planted people all over the place probably BBC employees, just so so false. I'll give episode two a wide berth.
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    The new City Programme

    So small it will soon vanish for good. City's programmes have been poor for a number of years now, pretty decent from 2000-10, but the design and features these last five or six years are awful. Does anyone still bother buying these or just find them a waste of time?
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    How Excited are you for this Coming Season?

    I'm struggling tbqh, doesn't seem five minutes since the last one finished, and we're starting again in two weeks. Maybe I'm falling out of love with football or maybe I'm just becoming an old miserable b******, who knows.
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    Aptoide TV

    I'm pretty hopeless with the streaming scene, but what is this Aptoide TV, does it give you a better choice of Apps to download etc?. If so, which are good for live football. Cheers.
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