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    Ferran Soriano receives honorary degree from Salford University
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    Manchester City's plan for global domination.

    Manchester City’s plan for global domination
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    Alan Hodgkinson MBE

    Alan Hodgkinson Sheffield United and England passed away yesterday aged 79.
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    Mob rule

    First used this week by Matthew Parris now Ched Evans as another term for democracy !
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    Double helping tonight.

    SS1 tonight, Premier League years 6-8, 10-12 Champions ! Think I'll let the tube cool down 8-10, give it a miss.
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    Tory minister sparks outrage !

    Tory minister Ed Vaizey sparks outrage in commons debate, branding the swamp for a lack of atmosphere, fans did not sing support for their players because very few come from Manchester ! Source MUEN.
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    Energy Comparison Websites

    Looking a bit 'iffy', only in it for the commission, Never!
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    Rabbi speaks out.

    Very sad events to a very learned gentleman <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... rd-7808421</a>
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    Surely not ? Must be a different Paul Henry who was reported to have died whilst filming in New Zealand today.
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    House is bloody full of them tonight, want to get rid of blighters but don't want to use insecticide as I don't want to kill the moths etc, all things bright and beautiful and all that jazz, so whats the solution?
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    My brother in law has recently taken ownership of a 2010 Renault Scenic 1.5 diesel. Unknown to him this model has a dpf, is the vehicle fitted with any warning light which indicates when car needs a blast up the motorway. I have a VW Touran which has such a system and works quite well.
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    Paul Lakes August review

    Great piece on the official site, gives a great run down on the new signings, especially of Garcia , likening his stamina to that of Colin Bell and being rated by others to be like Roy Keane. B OODY HELL! Bring it on!
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    Where's Roberto now?

    Hope he's watching Wigan.
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    Mancini brought on Edin for height to cover the loss of Balotelli and toure, would he make a good centre half?
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    North West Tonight

    Quote, " Shrek scores final goal, which puts them second in the table". Yes right! go on. BEHIND WHO? BBC Bias, unbelievable!!!
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    Celtic doing the Poznan

    What's all that about?
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    City Reds!

    Jo and Caicedo on their way to Russia? SSNs
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    Are we a one man team?

    Soccer Saturday Now, Without Tevez we are Zilch! according to the Mad Merse. On a positive note, Nicholas thinks we're still in the mix for top spot,
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