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    Subliminal messages on BT Sports

    This is illegal in the UK but watching our game earlier and now again in the Everton v Aston Villa game... It is so distracting.
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    Manchester United vs Manchester City – Highlights & Full Match
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    Full lockdown and Football?

    If as expected we go into full lockdown tonight, does that mean Footy will be cancelled?
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    Arsenal vs Manchester City – Carabao Cup Highlights
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    Southampton vs Manchester City – Highlights

    Hope this is allowed ... Southampton vs Manchester City – Highlights Fuggin great result by the way ;)
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    Manchester City vs Fulham – Highlights

    Don't know if this is allowed and if not please delete Mods. Usually post them in the "Post Match Thread" Manchester City vs Fulham – Highlights
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    Rubik's Cube

    The Mr's has just surprised me by buying one after I told her I could complete it when it first came out in the early 80's and she didn't believe me... Well after 40 years I've done it again and she's absolutely stunned...
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    C**ts Not all of 'em but most of 'em
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    Live performances you feel so lucky to have been at.

    QUEEN, at Knebworth park, Magic tour 86 (Last Concert) RUSH, at the Manchester Arena, Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 KISS, at the Nynex Arena Manchester*, Alive/Worldwide 96/97 Tour (also known as the Reunion Tour) the last time the original band played together *No concert footage of the...
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    Your best outro to a song

    mine followed by this
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    Your best intro to a song

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    Who's your Greatest Bass player ever

    Mine Geddy Lee Though you will have to put up with the greatest Rock drummer ever if you watch the whole video ;)
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    8D Technology Audio

    Don't know if there is a Thread on this but its pretty amazing... This site explains the technology
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    Your all time favourite three

    Song Film TV Series
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    Your Favourite Video Game music

    Again going along with certain music threads. Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts The Legend of Zelda- Gerudo Valley Can't you tell I'm over 50 :/
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    Marble Music Machine

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    A question to Gary James regarding goal difference

    Is this our highest +goal difference (10) on a match day weekend, between City and the Rags ?
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    Rock Legends KISS to auction Man City guitar signed by players Sorry it's from the Sun and also has a picture of a rag guitar next to ours but what a fantastic gesture.
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    The Sheffield Derby ( Drumming )

    That fuckin drum is so annoying and that is why we should never ever allow one near the Etihad ...
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    My favourites
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