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    After numerous surveys and years on cr*p it has got worse. We have a bar which has huge queues and coffee bars empty again, do the management not even look at the takings figures? They have also taken bitter off draft and serve in cans. This is the north FFS. I'm really starting to think the...
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    City TV

    Anyone had same issue as me - I go to - everything works fine except on City TV I can move around click on anything and all works but when I click on the play sign - nothing happens This happens with my built in mouse and USB mouse
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    City TV

    Tried to play numerous videos but they just don't play - anyone had a similar problem and know what it is?
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    Otamendi -

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... pected.php</a> anyone know him?
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    Spare Mick Hucknell tickets available Apollo M/C 13/04

    I have two tickets for Mick Hucknell at M/C Apollo tomorrow night 13/04. Due to family circumstances I can't now make it, if anyone s interested please message me
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    I have a spare leeds ticket

    Hi - I can not go today due to family reasons so have a spare adult ticket. If someone wants it - needs to be collected from New Longton , Preston
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    Don't know if true but if so they have made us look very amateurish <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    ACON City's defense

    When the ACON start we will be without Kolo Toure. Until a month ago I would not have seen this as an issue but Mancini seems to have a problem with lescott and there are rumours he may even go out on loan. Komps appears to have a recurring nigly injury which would leave us really lacking for...
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    Transfer startegy / planning

    Do other like myself wonder what our original transfer strategy / targets were. We have signed Clichy - which only came about when it was out he was leaving arsenal We've signed savic - maybe be good time will tell. Sanches - looks like we have missed him Other than tyhat all the players we...
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    Away games after Champions League

    according to MUEN The Blues face away games after each of their Champions League group matches, with boss Roberto Mancini's selection likely to prove crucial to the club's chances of success on two fronts. Here is the list of who City must play on the weekends after their European group games...
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    Hughes's transfer / team policies

    Mark Hughes stated when he came in that he likes to do his homework on players he brings in. he wanted to know whether they worked hard in training and on the pitch. He makes the final judgement based on his own instincts. If this is the case then his judgement has to be seriously questioned...
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    Kompany for right back anyone

    Sorry if repeating this but haven't seen it mentioned. With the problems of getting a consistent right back does anybody like me think Kompany may do a good job. He is comfortable on the ball and strong in the air and tackling. Would give us additional strengh at set pieces defendin and attacking.
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    Villa ticket

    Looks like i can make the match but am unable to get a ticket. If anyone has a spare that i can either pick up from chorley area or meet on the night then please get in touch.
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