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    Pembrokeshire - Camper van

    We have use of a camper van until September and am thinking of heading to Pembrokeshire aas we've never been there before Has anyone experience of this down that way and can you recommend anywhere that we shouldn't miss as tourists? Our plan is camp sites near the coastal path as we're into our...
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    To make the perfect idiots just add alcohol and illegal street drugs into scruffy subjects For best results, after mixing, leave subjects in strong sunlight for an hour
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    Easter treats

    My daughter has knocked up an Easter cake which looks likely to be high calorie What chocolates and other splendid delights do my fellow mooners have access to?
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    Pretty girls following me on Twitter

    Now I know I'm a handsome and wealthy individual, but why are these girls really following me? In all seriousness, I know they are bots, but what do these "bot" creators hope to achieve? Two of them have the same name but a different number after it and all their Twitter names are patterned...
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    So for lunch

    I'm having toasted bagels with cheese and tomato ketchup Comfort food
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    Brighton thread 2020/21

    Listening to a podcast earlier and I didn't realise how poor they have been In the last 18 months they've only won 13 matches in all competitions and in 2020 they only won one match at home
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    Need a category for a family quiz

    Need ten questions on a subject Can be multiple choice Doesn't have to be 2020 or Christmas related Age range of quizzers is 20 - 55 Ideas please people
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    Emily Atack

    Public interest or not? She revealed the details before a tabloid printed them apparently Google is your friend
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    Hays Travel

    Really sad news that John Hays, the founder of Hays travel, has died I've heard him interviewed along with his wife on numerous occasions and have to say what absolute top drawer people they seemed to be
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    This was two years ago

    Slow, Pedestrian Backwards. No centre forward. No KDB Gundogan playing alongside another DM
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    Can just fuck off
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    The Covid face mask thread

    Post a pic of your mask I have four on the go as the firm I work for sells them I do look far more handsome wearing a mask
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    UAE number 4 best holiday destination 2021

    As the title says, according to the article below the UAE is number four for the best holiday destination for 2021 If you haven't the budget to go don't worry, Yorkshire is listed as second best...
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    Birmingham trouble I hope this isn't going to become "the new norm" There's already enough twattish behaviour in society
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    Dickie's quiz - How many points can you score!

    We've been doing a weekly family quiz via Zoom every week since the start of lockdown I was tasked this week with setting the questions, so if anyone fancies a go it should take about 20 minutes As it's a family quiz it's not difficult at all. See how you get on without Googling any answers Grab...
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    Restoring a leather suite

    My brown leather living room settees are 15 years old and are showing it. I've look online for leather restorer and there are a number of products, some cheap, some not Has anyone had a go at doing their own and did you get a poor, good or excellent finish? And what product did you use?
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    Short term broadband advice

    Daughter number one is moving with her job to Southport and will be there for six months up to one year, so we're looking for a short term broadband deal We can add unlimited data to her phone contract for £7 a month. This deal has a max download speed of 10Mps but once this is done it will be...
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    John Travolta's Mrs RIP

    That's a shock
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    Snitches get stitches

    I'm seriously considering dobbing in a company I formerly worked for (the twats) They have furloughed a great number of staff but still have them working from home What's the maximum penalty the company can receive?
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    Name a film that makes you cry

    Or at least "well up" I'll start with "Champions " the Bob Champion Aldaniti film
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