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    International Simcard

    Hi I work overseas (Turkey) if I ever get back. Have any of you got any suggestions to a SIM card I can use. I don’t want to take a local sim, it’s a real pain refreshing it when I run out of data. Its £6 a day with my UK provider so that’s not an option in the long term. thanks
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    Online Surveys

    Hi Do any of you have experience with online surveys. My student daughter is signing up to some To earn some cash but at the moment it’s form after form to fill in. I’ve sat with her for two hours and so far she’s made a quid. Obviously I need a cut of that. Any good sites gratefully...
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    Danny Bradley RIP

    I don't know if any of you saw the local news or read the MEN last week but sadly my very dear friend Danny Bradley has died aged 53. Dan was on a trip to Belfast on the ferry from Liverpool on the night of May 18th. He never made it to Belfast and was reported missing by his family. his body...
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    TV series / shows on YouTube

    Can anyone recommend any good Tv shows on YouTube. I am overseas at the moment and don't have a tv subscription and nor do I want one. I have a Telly and an Apple TV so I can watch directly on the box. All the Apple TV gives me is sky news and YouTube. Dragons den is on you tube, what else...
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    Apple TV

    I bought an Apple TV whilst overseas. I used It overseas and it worked a treat connecting and mirroring my IPad to the Telly. I brought it back to the UK , connected it to my home wifi and it works to a point. I can and have subscribed to Netflix on it in UK, can access YouTube, all my music...
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    red cars

    I once bought a car from Redcar. It wasn't red though. It was Blue. Should this be in the blue car thread or am I ok with having my own.
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    How much does City affect your music taste

    Obviously their is a huge Oasis following on here but is that because you genuinely like the music. I can take them or leave them , love some of their songs but not what you would call a fan. Does the fact they are blues influence you and what bands wont you listen to because of their football...
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    Hows he do this

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    Songs to inspire us to the title.

    After last weeks offering from me when things were less than positive on here: Remember we are City , we are special, we are not rags... or spuds... or even Looneypool we are
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    Unwanted Tevez shirts

    This is sTEVEZodiac of fireball XL5 Hes is a blue and interested in Taking any TEVEZ shirts providing you can arrange printing of the rest of his name. Serious offers only please.
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    Friday is tin hat day Be careful everybody
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    Watching skyplayer through windows media player

    I can watch sky player through the skyplayer software on my laptop, however the sky website says it can be watched through windows media player. I have both skyplayer and windows media player (OS windows 7). when I turn on windows media player I should be able to see the sky icon and click...
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    10 Things I was not happy about (City related).

    1: Alan Wiley and Tiattos goal at Boro all them years ago , disallowed as Huckerby was supposedly offside. 2: Danny Mills wanting spuds to get 4th spot after being on the books for 5 years. 3: Craig bleeding Hignett not wanting to sign for us all them years ago. (I dont know why this pees me off...
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    Title run in.

    Assuming that Liverpool are out of the race for 4th place by the penultimate game of the season which is when they face Chelsea. I reckon Benitez will field a weakened team to deny the rags going 1 ahead in titles won as they are both on 18 at the moment. Can you imagine Fergusons face should...
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    six years tomorrow

    4-1 victory over the Delias I had to leave game at 1-0 as my new born son had a problem. thankfully it wasnt a problem but I am still pissed off for coming out of the game. The Delias being the rags by the way.
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    Drying the ball

    It takes Delap nearly a minute to dry the ball to either hurl it long or short, but why is no time added on for this. How is this not a timewasting tactic.
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    A mate of mine is well into his baseball. He supports the Seattle Mariners. I want to glory hunt and choose a team that is the dogs testicles of rounders. Any suggestions please as I want to give him a hard time when the rounders season stars in just over a week.
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    Beckham the wolfman

    C'mon Beckham you f###ing one trick pony wolfman lookalike , top right hand corner please. dump the rags out.
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    Sherlock homes the film - dissapointed.

    Pipe not a curly one Sherlock Homes never "lemon entry" my dear watson He didnt wear a dear stalker and nobody said "No shit Sherlock". not impressed at all. what films let you down?
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    the lightsout at night games.

    Does anyone think its served its purpose and should be put to bed now. I do, I think City should try and better it now with something else. What would you go for. I would like to see City land Bellers on the moon if hes not playing.
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