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    A Premiership for the purists

    With Leeds coming up and big clubs like villa back in the limelight I’m thinking of the most ‘competitive’ premiership we could possibly have ....historic....derbies etc I’m going :- City United Liverpool Everton Newcastle Sunderland Middlesboro Arsenal Spurs Chelsea Palace West Ham Leeds Villa...
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    City v Spurs Champions league quarter final at the etihad

    Bt 3 in 5 mins ..... gonna have my heart broke again !!
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    Once upon a time ....

    Once upon a time, there was a really prestigious football tournament called the European Cup, which was based on sporting excellence. It brought together outstanding teams from across the continent. To qualify teams first had to prove themselves by winning their own league, this truly was a...
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    Need to sacrifice?

    What is everyone’s opinion on the carabao cup?? Ok so it’s a great bonus day out at Wembley in February but my question is do we really need to start sacrificing this competition if we are to achieve what everybody wants....we are good enough for a champs league and prem double but surely this...
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    Aguero v Bournemouth steward - allegation withdrawn

    Daily fuckin mail......and that's one of the better English newspapers for sports journalism Fuck off you soft attention seeking tool.
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    Christmas wish list

    New players only!!!! 3 maximum (realistic) I'd go for schmeichal....Alaba and Reus.
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    Staying positive

    Well I am anyway.....looking at the fixtures our next 5 games are 'favourable'. Come Saturday after the villa match our situation is going to look much better with spurs playing arsenal.We give them a good hiding hence putting pressure on Leicester (late kick off). I predict we win the league by...
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    What do we actually want?

    Right ok.....started thread yesterday about negativity and was going to comment further after reading some of the replies.......mods please feel free to merge but I was wondering yesterday and today (sober)......what is it that us,as blues,some went through the 90s,some didn't ,do we actually...
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    Forum is riddled with it every time we lose a match. Some spoilt fuckers around that's for sure.
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    What's our strongest eleven?

    After seeing a few threads about who commands what and the current form and injury proneness of certain players.....what is it?? Not navas biggest fan and yaya looks like he's off in the summer so here goes Hart zabba Clichy kompany otamendi fernandinho Delph De bruyne silva sterling aguero...
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    Cesc fabregas

    Us being linked with him is currently gathering pace......I'm not too keen. Thoughts?
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