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    Train tickets for tomorrow FREE

    ***Gone*** Hi, I've not posted on here for a while, but I've got 1 return train ticket no longer being used if someone can use them for the final tomorrow? Out 8.15am tomorrow Manchester to Euston 1st class Return 20.15 SUNDAY Euston to Manchester. Let me know if you can collect tonight near...
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    Has anyone else signed up for this? Basically being sponsored to quit booze for January to raise money for Cancer Research UK..... Or is anyone just staying off the booze for a detox? I've probably not gone a full month without alcohol since I was 16. I'm 34 now. If anyone else is doing this...
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    NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive

    Hi, Advice requested, as I know there are a few computer savvy (geeks!) on here. I'm looking at getting one of these, to enable all my films, music and photos to be shared across all laptops, smart tvs etc. Anyone know if they are any good? I was looking at this...
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    Whose NOT going to Wembley?

    It seems there are thousands of Wembley threads, and none for the unfortunate of us that will remain in Manchester. (correct me if I'm wrong) So who is NOT going, and where do you plan to watch it? (Could be a mini meet-up on the cards?)
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    Transpennine Ale Trail

    Anyone ever done one of these? Basically a group of you get on a train from piccadilly to Huddersfield/Dewsbury (or however far you want to go) and frequent the pubs on or near the platforms, slowly making your way home. I'm doing this tomorrow (as long as the snow doesn't fuck it up!) - it's...
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    Ahem..... One Direction tickets

    Long shot I know - but I really want 2 or more One Direction tickets for Manchester, for my Harry-obsessed 6 year old daughter. Please let me know if you hear of anything?
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    American Sweets

    Anyone know of a decent retailer of American goodies near Manchester? There seem to be loads online, but with high shipping costs etc. plus I want to go and choose myself. The main thing I'm after is pretzel m&ms !!!
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    Top android games

    On the back of the 'Top IPAD games' thread, and because we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 shits all over the Iphone ;) - anyone have any suggestions for decent Android games, paid or free? I've got Football manager 2012 - which is brilliant and not as complex as PC version. GTA3 is reduced...
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    Buying a Used Car

    Advice please! I'm looking at buying a second car for the missus - a used corsa or something - I'm looking around the £1200 mark. I'm going to see a couple tonight (from dealers) priced at £1275 and £1295 - What would you consider to be a reasonable amount to offer given the list price? Cheers
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