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    Retiring abroad

    Where about are you then Pablo? My mate's apartment is in Torremendo
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    Newcastle (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Is Jo cup tied?
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    Newcastle (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    On the run up to the CL Final, although we all pretty much know what team Pep will select, we need to put the "fringe" players in as well, but not in a selection like todays So players such as Jesus need to get a run out in a strong side where they can show their value Newcastle's front line...
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    Newcastle (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Still play our best eleven Change it around at 60 minutes There's nothing like real game time
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    Newcastle (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Just play our current best eleven and put the fucking league to bed
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    Chelsea (H) | Man of the Match

    I actually think our three centre halves did OK, and Jesus worked incredibly hard ploughing a lonely furrow, so he has my sympathy Although he tired, due to the fact he was covering Mendy's arse half of the game, I'm going for Ake
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    Chelsea (H) | Post-Match Thread

    Firstly let's have a scapegoat...... Mendy was shocking. I still believe we do not require to buy a left back, but Mendy has shown if we play anyone decent he's not good enough WTF was Aguero doing? Torres was invisible I also think that if it were Dias instead of Laporte, their first goal...
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    Retiring abroad

    Where my friend has an apartment I've seen plenty who've bought to live the retirement dream, but the village is tiny and it's sent the majority stir crazy I understand why a more mature person would want to spend time 8n a warmer climate, but they have to choose well July and August on the...
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    Spurs thread 2020/21

    Dier by name, dire on the pitch He plays like he wants the coach to fail
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    joke thread....

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    Hiking thread

    Now the shops are open I nipped to Cheshire Oaks this week as there are a couple of outdoor wear stores there First stop was Soloman, but they only had one style of boots in my size. So popped into Regatta and bought a pair of leather Craghoppers for £89.99 (full price £130) I think the sales...
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    UEFA ready to move Champions League Final to Wembley (Pg 84)

    Noisy neighbours!
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    New song for Zinchenko

    Or, after him kicking off on Tuesday when the ball was launched at Foden He's got what it takes Hes's got what it ta-akes Olex Zinchenko Stands up for his mates
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    Season tickets renewal?

    But weren't City offering an amnesty!
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    New song for Zinchenko

    What about something to the tune of the Pretenders, Brass in Pocket Neymar in Zinchencko's pocket...
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    UEFA ready to move Champions League Final to Wembley (Pg 84)

    Gibraltar then Failing that, the Falkland islands
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    Songs that rip off other songs.

    Just heard this one tonight Rips off
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    UEFA ready to move Champions League Final to Wembley (Pg 84)

    Bootham Crescent may have one game left in it Did you know it once housed 50,000 away supporters at a single match!
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    Lancashire CCC

    This match is nailed on for a draw Lancs 320 behind with 10 wickets in hand and there'll be no play tomorrow It'll take two spectacular collapses for a result
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